Best Nail Glue

The 16 Best Nail Glue 2020 (for Fake Nails, Rhinestones, Gems, and Repairs)

Which is the best nail glue for fake nails, rhinestones, gems, and natural nail repair?

How do you choose the nail glue you need among the different types of adhesive?

Is there another way to secure nail art without using glue?

These are examples of the questions we’ll answer here. Let’s start with selecting the right adhesive for the project you’re doing.

How to choose the best nail glue

If you’re new to using adhesives for nail art, start with a thick glue that dries slower. It will give you time to move gems and make adjustments. Just be careful to avoid spreading it over the skin.

When you want to apply press-on nails, it’s handy to use thin brush-on glue. Glue with a thin consistency dries faster and is less prone to drying lumpy and lifting.

Stick on larger, more massive stones with gel. It will need to cure under a lamp, but it’s the stronger adhesive.

Can you apply nail art without nail glue?

Yes, you can apply rhinestones and gems with nail polish only, but they won’t stay put for long. The stones may fall off at any moment.

If you choose to experiment with this method, press the gem into the top coat while the surface is curing but still wet. But make sure it’s not so fresh that the stone slides around or smudges. Then, use a tiny brush to put an additional coat around the edges (1).

Which is better: nail glue or gel?

Both nail glue, also known as resin, and gel are essential for nail art. Nail glue air-dries on its own while gel requires a lamp to cure.

Neither one is better than the other – it’s a matter of choosing the right tool for the job. You may also use one to fill in the gaps that the other leaves behind.

For example, you might put a tiny dab of gel on the nail and press the gem into place. Let it sit under the lamp. Once the gel has cured, you might see that there are gaps around the edges. That’s when you could use a thin brush and press a tiny amount of glue around the perimeter.

How to use nail glue to apply fake nails, rhinestones, crystals, and gems

If you’re applying fake nails like acrylics, put a small drop of glue on the underside of the artificial nail tip. As you press it into place, carefully rock it back and forth to ease it into position. Then, use a nail brush soak in acetone to remove any excess glue from the skin.

Alternatively, if you’re doing nail art with stones, always put the nail glue on the natural or polished nail, never on the back of the rhinestone, crystal, or gem.

On a natural nail, make sure the surface is clean by washing the hands, then wiping the nail with nail polish remover or 70% alcohol.

Make sure that any polish is thoroughly dry first. For even better adhesion, buff the shine off the placement area.

Remember, nail glue is powerful. Start with a small amount as you can usually add more if you need it later. It’s easier than trying to remove excess.

The best place to glue rhinestones and gems is next to the cuticle as the nail doesn’t flex there. Also, large gems that have a curved bottom will stick better than those that are flat.

How to remove nail glue for a new manicure

Nail glue removes with acetone, just like gel nail polish. Soak a cotton pad, wrap it around the nail, and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

How to keep nail glue from drying out and the lid from getting stuck

Don’t you hate it when you only use the nail glue once, and it’s already dried out? Or when you can’t unscrew the cap because it’s glued shut?

You can avoid those problems by wiping the applicator and around the lid with acetone before closing the bottle or tube. Be careful to not get any acetone in the glue.

Alternatively, you could grease the inside of the cap with a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

After that, store the glue in a cold place to extend the shelf life.

Best Nail Glue in 2020

Modelones Nail Glue

Each tube of this nail resin lasts for 10 to 20 manicures. It has a precision nozzle to prevent drips and waste.

It’s exactly the type of nail glue that’s ideal for gemstones, French styling, and other decorations. The strong adhesive is ingredients that won’t harm nails.

You can also use it for press-on nails and tips. It bonds in 5 seconds and holds for several days.

Happily, the brand backs their product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Beauty Secrets Nail Glue

Have you ever had an allergic reaction to nail adhesives? If so, try this non-toxic nail glue. It doesn’t contain but phthalates, petrolatum, alcohol, parabens, soy, or animal derivatives. It’s also vegan.

The squeeze applicator resists clogging and dripping, which makes it straightforward to use with minimum mess. It’s perfect for bonding nail tips.

What’s the downside? Several reviewers say that it takes a little bit longer than usual to dry. But once it sets, it can hold for weeks. Moreover, the fact that it slow to dry is excellent for beginners.

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue for Artificial Nails & Repair

Many techs say this is the best nail glue for natural nail repair. Some describe it as “scary strong.”

It cures in 5 seconds yet adheres to fake nails for 2 weeks or longer. It withstands washing dishes and bathing.

Thankfully, although the nail glue is ultra-durable, it removes easily with acetone.

If you’d like to use it to repair a torn or broken nail, you’ll need a pair of tweezers. Apply a thin layer of glue, then use the tweezers to hold the repair for 5 seconds while it sets. Lastly, buff the area to make it smooth.

KISS Precision Nail Glue

This nail glue is suitable for repairing split and cracked nails as well as applying artificial nails. Yes, you can use it to fix human nails as well as fake nails. It has an antifungal ingredient to prevent infections.

There is a precision nozzle on the tip of the squeezable container. The thin liquid seeps into the crack to seal the problem. Then, the glue sets in seconds.

I noticed that a handful of users have had success using it to prevent gel manicures’ peeling.

Makartt Nail Glue

Here’s a brush-on nail glue that’s ideal for rhinestone and gem application. It can also fix split nails and bond nail tips.

It dries a little slower than the KISS or Nailene glues. That’s handy for repositioning stones. Any excess adhesive can be removed with acetone.

The acrylic nail glue is made of ethyl cyanoacrylate. Therefore, please avoid exposing the nails to water for at least an hour after using it.

NYK1 Nail Bond Acrylic Nail Glue

This nail tip adhesive comes with a precision brush applicator. Reviewers say it’s durable enough to last for a week or longer. Their main complaint was how long it took to dissolve the glue to remove it.

What’s interesting is that it’s compatible with other nail glue brands.

Big Bondini Plus Brush-On Glue

Save money and skip those tiny tubes of glue. This bottle contains 200 drops with a “clean hands applicator.” The small brush provides pinpoint accuracy.

Use the glue for nail tips and art as it adheres to artificial nails and gems for 2 weeks or longer.

IBD Brush-On Glue

This is brush-on nail glue for natural and artificial nails and tips. It works well in conjunction with the same brand’s builder gel.

It dries slowly enough for beginners and holds well enough for gemstones. Try it with decals, too.

Cala Super Nail Glue

I’ve seen mixed reviews for this acrylic tip nail glue. It’s less expensive than some of the competition.

Highlights include ultra-strong bonding that sets quickly.

Complaints include the bottle clogging.

Dashing Diva False Nail Fast Bond Glue

There are nail technicians who won’t use other brands of professional nail glue besides this one. It’s suitable for adhering artificial nails as it doesn’t leave any gap between the full cover nail and the nail bed.

Furthermore, it’s suitable for fixing all sorts of nail art like stones as the decorations stay put for 2 weeks or longer. It’s a thick gel that tolerates repositioning if needed. But it has a precision applicator tip to reduce mess. The adhesive won’t bubble, and it smooths the nail surface for a perfect finish every time.

BTArtbox Adhesive Super Bond

This pack comes with enough adhesive for 350 press-on nails, nail tips, or decorations. Plus, it can fix chips and cracks in natural nails. The ingredients are non-damaging to the nails. You can check the MSDS sheet for details.

Although the glue dries swiftly, you have a little time for adjustments. Therefore, it’s handy for beginners as well as professionals.

Once bonded, the glue can hold up to a month. But it’s also not difficult to remove.

For best results, ensure that the natural nails are cleaned with alcohol, then dry before application. When applying press-on nails, push down starting at the cuticle and work your way to the tip. Hold for 5 seconds. Keep the nails dry for at least an hour to ensure it cures completely and becomes waterproof.

Wipe-Off Rhinestone Glue Gel

You’ll need an LED UV lamp to cure this glue gel, but it’s super strong. It’s perfect for holding large stones on nails.

The glue comes with 3 different brush applicators.

To use a gel, follow the steps. Cure the polish completely.

Next, apply a dab of gel on the nail and press the rhinestone on top.

Set the gel under the lamp. Turn the nail from side to side to ensure the light reaches as much of the glue as possible.

Add more gel glue if needed, and cure again. If it’s a flatback rhinestone, cap the edge. In other words, put glue all around the perimeter so that no gap is visible.

After gluing small gems, you can wipe off excess sticky parts with alcohol.

Rhinestone Picker Dotting Pens, Dual-Sided

Here is the tool you need to pick up and place gemstones. It’s like a pen with 2 different ends.

One tip is waxy. Press that end onto the rhinestone, and you can lift it to place it in the glue on the nail.

Flip the pen and use a stainless steel point to press and hold the stone in place.

Beetles Nail Art Design Brush Set

These precision brushes are excellent for doing nail art. They’re suitable for painting fine lines. Plus, they’re handy for outlining the nail with a little acetone to ensure a salon-quality finish.

JOYJULY Nail Art Kit

Save time and money by getting a kit with all the tools you need to decorate nails. This kit comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

It includes striping tape, striping roller boxes, 3D rhinestones in a dozen colors, 5 dotting pens, and 15 brushes. All that’s missing is the nail glue.

Rhinestone Glue Gel Kit

This kit has a wide variety of nail decorations, plus it comes with glue gel and other tools. It’s backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

There are thousands of rhinestones in various sizes and colors, plus tweezers, brushes, and wax pens.

What’s nice is that once the glue gel has cured under the LED light, it’s no longer sticky and doesn’t need to be wiped.


Using the right adhesive guarantees long-lasting manicures and gorgeous nail art that stands up to wear.

You can have a lot of fun with nail glue doing tips, press-on nails, and sculptures.

If you discovered your new favorite nail art tools today, come back and tell us about your experience with them.


1. How to Adhere Statement Gems, by Leslie Henry, published in NAILPRO November 2017

Best No-Light Gel Polish

The 18 Best No-Light Gel Polish Reviews & Guide 2020

Is there a gel nail polish that doesn’t need UV light? Yes, and it offers the same glossy shine as regular gel polish.

The best no-light gel polish cures without using a nail lamp. Plus, it lasts for a week or longer without chipping.

Today, we’re going to review gel nail polish that dries quickly without UV light.

How long does it take for no-light gel polish to dry?

This type of gel-look polish dries all by itself. It doesn’t require a nail lamp or a dryer.

The only thing you have to do is show a little patience. Depending on the brand, it may take anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes to cure.

Then, you can enjoy the trendy glass-like shine for a week or more. That’s because this type of gel polish is durable enough to stand up to daily wear.

Tips for the perfect home manicure and pedicure using gel nail polish without UV light

Round up the nail clippers, emery board, cuticle pusher, nail polish remover, and cotton pads. It’s also nice to have hand lotion for afterward.

No-light gel polish usually requires a top coat and base coat, which is the colorful layer. So, gather up your polish and nail art ingredients, too. Now, let’s start the manicure or pedicure.

  1. Begin by washing your hands or feet. Use the polish remover to take off any remaining polish. (Even if you weren’t wearing any, it helps to swipe the acetone across the nails to make sure they are oil-free).
  2. Then, trim and shape the nails. It helps if you soak your hands for a few minutes in warm water first. Remove or push back overgrown cuticles. Oval or squoval -shaped nails are more resistant to chipping. Moreover, emery boards and crystal nail files are gentler and less likely to cause splintering (1).
  3. Make sure you’ve cleaned off remnants of polish and dust from filing. You can use a little acetone on a cotton swab for this part.
  4. Shake your polish or stir it, then apply the base coat. Two layers should be enough. Let each coat dry before you do the next. If you’re new to manicures, here is a hint: mistakes are less visible when you use light colors.
  5. Finally, it’s time for the top coat for extra gloss and durability. Once every nail is dry, apply moisturizer, and you’re done.

Secrets from the experts for a perfect finish on no-light gel polish

It’s difficult to get that flawless border around the nail, isn’t it? It’s all too easy to get polish on the cuticles. But if you get a very fine tip brush, dip it in acetone, and outline your nail first, you’ll never have that problem again. Your manicure will have a salon-quality look.

Next, when you dip the brush into the nail polish, pull it out while wiping one side clean across the neck. Let the bristles fan out and tap off the excess polish. Then, brush along the center of the nail from the cuticle to the end. Do the same for either side. Let that coat dry, then repeat the process.

You can avoid bubbles in the finish by using acetone to remove any oil from the nails first. Also, never use a hairdryer to dry your nails faster as the heat will slow down the dry time, and the airflow may cause bubbles.

If you end up with a chip in a few days, hit the spot with a little bit of acetone and smooth the polish. Then, touch it up with more polish or top coat.

Lastly, if you’re right-handed, you can appreciate the difficulty of applying polish with your left hand. But if you lay your right hand on the table and rotate it while you work on it, it’s a little easier.

How to choose the best color of no-light gel polish

You’ll need to know your natural skin undertone to choose flattering shades of polish. If you have a bluish undertone, go with cherry red, fuchsia, pinkish nudes, or violet.

Alternatively, if you have an olive undertone, your hands will look gorgeous with coral, chocolate, beige, or white.

Would you like to know an easy way to test a shade? Put scotch tape across your nail and apply the polish.

Best No-Light Gel Polish in 2020

butter LONDON Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer

Let’s begin with butter London as it’s one of the safest nail polishes available. Even though it’s free of harsh ingredients, it offers up to 10-day wear. It’s also extra glossy. Your friends will likely think you went to the salon to do your nails when you use it.

The cushioned finish looks just like UV-light cured gel polish. It’s smooth, strong, and fade-resistant.

This is one of the best polishes for pregnant women and those with sensitive skin and allergies. It’s 10-free, which means it does not contain formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, camphor, xylene, gluten, parabens, TPHP, and other nasty ingredients.

Instead, it has Shock Resistant Polymer Technology enhanced by diamond powder. It strengthens the nails with bamboo and access sunscreen by absorbing UV without fading.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

When you use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish, you’ll need color and top coat. There is a wide variety of shades available, from nudes to holiday fun. Plus, the colors are pigmented enough that one coat may be enough.

It’s considered a two-step gel hybrid as it requires no UV light to cure. But it’s chip-resistant and still easy to apply and remove. The finish lasts up to eight days.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Shiny Top Coat

Here’s the top coat that adds extra shine to the cushiony Miracle Gel. It ensures that your manicure lasts the full eight days or more.

essie Gel Couture 2-Step Longwear Nail Polish

Essie is a popular polish brand that’s been in the nail business for almost four decades. It offers a two-step system: brush on two coats of color, then cover with top coat. The patented swirl stem brush helps follow the curves, and it simplifies applying the polish.

The 100-plus shades range from classic colors to the latest trends. But what’s even more attractive is that the polish lasts up to two weeks.

essie Gel Couture Platinum-Grade Finish Top Coat

Here’s the clear top coat that seals in the color and intensifies the shine. Plan on sitting still for about 15 minutes while everything dries properly. Trust me, it’s worth it for the gorgeous glossy finish.

OPI Nail Polish Base Coat

OPI is an award-winning American brand that’s used by salons as well as people at home.

But there’s a catch. This is a three-coat process that takes longer than some other no-light gel polishes.

It requires the base coat, color, and top coat. But together, they create a long-lasting manicure that won’t fade or chip. It also won’t stain or yellow your natural nails.

OPI Nail Polish, Nail Lacquer

Choose from more than 200 attractive shades, including glitter, pastel, and pearlescent. Brush on two coats of color and then proceed to the quick-drying top coat below.

OPI Nail Polish Top Coat

The transparent top coat adds a diamond -like finish to OPI’s color coat. Once it cures, it maintains a high-gloss shine for a week of wear. It prevents smudging, chipping, and scratches.

Adesse New York Organic Infused Gel Effect Nail Polish

Animal-lovers look for brands like this one. This nail polish is certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny to be vegan and cruelty-free. It’s made in the USA with premium ingredients like organic pigments, minerals, and essential oil.

Moreover, the polish is designed to strengthen natural nails with organic bamboo and omega fatty acids. The omega comes from natural argan oil and shea.

I’m also happy to report that it’s 12-free. It doesn’t contain toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, and several other toxins common to other polishes. There’s no strong odor, either.

That all sounds good, right? But is it going to give you a decent manicure? Yes, because it seems like it melts over the nails. The polish fills in ridges for a flawless, glossy finish.

For best results, shake the bottle before using it.

Eternal Gel Nail Polish Kit

Eternal’s polish dries to a mirror shine. It holds up well for days on end but soaks off with regular nail polish remover.

It conveniently comes in a two-pack that includes the color and the top coat.

Users say that it takes about 10 minutes to complete the manicure as the polish dries quickly.

CND Vinylux Long Wear Nail Polish

You might be familiar with CND’s Shellac that requires UV light to cure. The Vinylux is the new gel-look polish that hardens with exposure to natural light and air.

Conveniently, the color names are the same between Shellac and Vinylux polishes. If you had a favorite shade, you could easily find it in the new polish lineup. You can also use one to touch up the other.

Vinylux is designed for seven-day wear without chipping or fading. It features a patent-pending technology that grows stronger when exposed to daylight. There’s no need for a base coat. Just apply color and top coat.

When it’s time to do a new manicure, it’s straightforward to remove with nail polish remover. You don’t even need acetone.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Gel Lab Pro

Have you heard of the celebrity manicurist who has worked with Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johansson, and Kim Kardashian? This is the brand she developed. Her name is Deborah Lippmann, and her nail polish has won awards from places like Allure Magazine.

This stunning polish requires no lamp and no special tools to apply. It will not damage natural nails, either. The brand markets itself as “the healthy alternative to gel polish.” They are 7-free and non-toxic.

A manicure done with color coat and top coat will last for a week or more.


This inexpensive brand provides excellent value for the money. Covergirl’s air-dry gel polish can last for eight days or more without chipping. One reviewer says her pedicure lasted for three weeks.

The plump, shiny finish is available in a wide variety of shades.

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 Nail Color

L’Oreal’s three-step gel-look polish is surprisingly resilient. It mimics the gloss and strength of a salon gel manicure.

First, apply the primer to prepare the surface by smoothing imperfections. Second, brush on the color, and the nails already look thicker. Third, put on the glaze top coat for a mirror shine.

Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail Color

Maybelline’s no-light gel polish is fortified with vitamin B5 and minerals to strengthen the nails. It lasts at least a week when you use top coat over the color. Users say it dries impressively fast.

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Polish

Revlon tries to go head-to-head with Maybelline, but some reviewers say it falls short. The light shades require three coats to go opaque. Worse, the polish is thin and runny. It doesn’t seem to last for the whole week.

If you decide to give it a try, it comes in 46 shades. It’s also infused with plant oils and shea butter to keep nails healthy.

Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel Diamond Envy Top Coat

Be sure to seal the color coat with this transparent top coat. It’s chip-resistant and extra shiny. Plus, it’s straightforward to apply with the wide-angle brush.

Tbestmax Professional Nail Art Liner Brushes

In the expert tips at the beginning of the article, I mentioned using an extra-fine brush to ensure salon-like perfection. Here’s a set of three brushes to help you achieve that goal. They are also suitable for nail art.


I’m pleased you browsed our top picks for no-light gel polish. They are the healthy option as they require no UV lamp to dry. They are also less expensive since you don’t need to buy a light for home manicures.

If you’re skeptical that you can get a salon-quality manicure with this type of polish, I recommend that you try it. I suspect that you’ll be pleased with the durable, cushiony, glossy finish.


1. Reviewed by Stephanie S. Gardner, MD on February 28, 2019, accessed November 6, 2020

Best Gel Polish Brand


When we think of the word floral nails, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of warm sunny spring or summer days, colourful and fresh  just like the flowers that we can wear in our nails. Good thing about having a 3D floral Nail Design is that you can carry your favourite flowers in your nails anywhere you go, no matter the season. The beauty of flowers is endless, so as the designs that you can put on your nails, there are tons of possibilities as long as you have the right tools and knowledge, you can create a spring-ready nails that’s fleeting, vibrant and Instagram-worthy. Given that there are several flowers and colour schemes to choose from, we offer you this lovely list of 3D floral design that you can do at home using LDS Nail Dipping Powder.


1. White Flower on Black Nails

When you are in the mood for a black nail but you don’t want to look too Goth, you need this mani. A realistic floral pattern on black base just looks stunning and is the perfect accessory for a party night.

2. White and Black Summer Flowers

A black base nail is a color that begs for something with a bit more punch. Some 3D floral made from LDS Liquid Dry Sealer and LDS French White on black give a very chic look to a fashionable mani.

3. Black and Yellow with White Flower

Plain black isn’t the only colour you can choose, you can combine black and yellow for a unique twist and it will look just as sexy and stunning. You can create your own 3D flower at the base or all over the nail and you got yourself a fab mani.

4. White Flowers on Purple

Purple is a neutral calming color just like blue but it can be a bit challenging to wear when coating your nails. You can coat your nails with LDS D105 Purple Papa Razzi with a white accent using LDS D74 Black List then decorate it with a soft white 3D petal flower. This look is something that others can’t help but admire.

5. Black-Blue Flowered Nails

Flower designs don’t have to be only for spring and summer seasons. This elegant mani is great for the fall season. LDS Liquid Dry Sealer combined LDS French White makes a realistic white 3D flowers on black-blue ombre base is simply beautiful.

6. Single Flower on Purple Nails

Pale purple is a color that is calming but not unnoticeable. Combine it with black and you can create a millennial ombre. A flowing 3D floral design only enhances the gentleness of this color, putting you at ease every time you look at your nails. Recreate this look and your nails will surely steal the show.

Best Gel Polish Brand

Fail-proof Manicure Tips You Need to Know

Do you enjoy doing your own nails at home but hate it when you mess up? Well, even professional nail technicians fail sometimes when they do their own nails because a fail-proof manicure can only be achieve through constant practice and knowing a few inside tricks. Here are some techniques that you can do at home to achieve that flawless manicure as if a pro did it:

Practice Makes Perfect

This line never gets old in any situation and apparently, it also applies in doing your nails. If you want to be good in nail art, you can start by practicing designs and placing stones on something other than your nail—like artificial nail tips or small pieces of paper. Begin by easy beginners design like creating few dots then use a toothpick to pull them all in toward the centre and finish it off with a rhinestone to make it look like a flower. Constant practice will give you great results in the end. Once you have mastered it, you can try doing it on your own nail or your friend’s.


Use tiny brush to paint fast-drying gel that you can later peel off once you are done designing. ND Nail Supply has is a nail supply store that has everything you need to achieve that nail art that you want. (more…)

Best Gel Polish Brand


Is it worth it to buy a diffuser? We say yes. Let’s explore how aromatherapy can change your life.

As you’re aware, your sense of smell has a big impact. A fragrance can unlock memories, affect your mood, and reduce pain.

Studies done with lavender essential oil found that it relieves depression and anxiety, and improves sleep, and lessens the pain of kidney stones and arthritis.

Next, unlike disagreeable odors that make you uncomfortable, the aroma of ginger can make you feel less nauseated after surgery. And lemon can help dementia patients act less agitated.

You can set the tone in your home with aromatherapy. For example, make your holidays more vibrant with matching scents. Plus, help yourself awaken in the morning and relax before bed.

While it’s easy to experience these scents simply by opening a bottle and sniffing, a diffuser gives you more time to enjoy them. It also provides more coverage. You can spread the effects over a wide area with a diffuser for large rooms.

diffuser for large room

On the other hand, you can use a small portable diffuser for enclosed spaces like your car or a hotel room. (more…)

Best Gel Polish Brand

How to Do Dipping Powder

As it is known, dip powders are hybrids of fake nails and manicure. This hybrid has said to be better than any other sort of manicure since it can last for 3 to 4 weeks without chipping off. Unlike the typical acrylic or gels, dip powders require less filing because they are so thin. Essentially, fewer tools are required for this process. Their look is more natural and their application mode is easy. Furthermore, their chances of lifting are very limited. In this article, we will look at how to do dipping powder.

use dip powder

Grooming Nails

The initial step involves making your nails as clean as possible by removing any material on the surface of the nails. This is done using a cuticle pusher or a polish remover. Using a lint-free pad, you can remove the polish on the nails using a non-acetone nail remover. You should nudge back your cuticles gently using a cuticle pusher. The excess cuticle that sticks up with a scraper or cuticle trimmer should be gently removed. When this is done, the new nails that grow will show and allow the manicure to last for a long time before the nails can be filed.

After grooming the nails, their top surface should then be buffed. Make sure that the surface of the nails is manually smoothened using a file. You can use a natural nail stone, a block or a 180 grit file. Using a makeup nail powder or a nail brush, you can then brush away the grit that comes off after filing. When buffing the cuticle and groove areas, you should be far more attentive. Examine all parts of your nails to establish any problematic areas. You should then file these areas. Using a nail sanitizer, a lint-free pad or a paper towel, soaked in alcohol, rub the nails and your finger around using this towel to sanitize the nails and avoid sealing in grime or bacteria. (more…)

Best Gel Polish Brand

Swatch and Review: Hocus Pocus Mini Collection By LynBDesigns

Hey y’all! Today on the blog I have some swatches from LynBDesigns to share with you! I’m going to go ahead and spoil the review for you here – these are so good! I usually don’t gravitate towards micro glitters but these all have great formulas and are super blingy and beautiful! The collection is inspired by the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus which, admittedly, I’ve never seen (don’t stone me!) but I love these nevertheless!
The first polish in the collection is Sarah, based on the youngest sister. Sarah can best be described as a dense micro glitter in a pink jelly base. The addition of the scattered holo micro glitter in these is what makes them super special, in my opinion! Shown below in 2 coats plus topcoat, these dry to a shiny finish on their own but you guys know I always topcoat! The formula is a bit on the thicker side but I didn’t have any issues getting these to spread across my nail in thin coats.
The second polish in the collection is Mary, inspired by the middle Sanderson sister. Okay, so this one was one of my two favorites. Mary is like Thanksgiving in a bottle! She can best be described as a coppery-brown micro glitter with scattered holo micro glitter in a brown jelly base. I felt like Mary was a touch sheerer than Sarah and wound up doing 3 thin coats, shown below. 3 coats will not only bring Mary to opacity, but it will also bring the color on your nail to the same depth as the bottle. Same formula as Sarah – thick but easy to do in thin coats, not chunky and a beautiful glitter displacement.
The third in the collection is Winnie – inspired by the eldest Sanderson sister. Winnie is best described as a green, teal and yellow micro glitter in a green jelly base. Shown below in 3 thin coats plus topcoat, Winnie felt the sheerest to me of all 4 but deepened to a beautiful forrest green with three coats. Her formula felt more on the jelly side than any of the others, which I loved (I’m a sucker for jellies!) and though the formula was a bit on the thick side I had no issues with application. I love the little flashes of yellowy gold and teal in the midst of the green!
The fourth and final polish in the collection is Thackery – my second favorite! Thackery can best be described as a black micro glitter with holo and purple micro glitter mixed in a black jelly base. The holo in Thackery is unreal! Its almost like a night sky on your nails. Thackery was more opaque like Sarah and only required two coats for maximum depth and opacity. The formula on Thackery is identical to the others, thicker – but easy to control and apply in thin coats. He dries to a glossy finish as well but I did two coats plus topcoat here.

So you probably want some details on how to get these pretties, right? They launch as a collection on October 23rd at 7PM EST at If you buy the three sisters, Sarah, Mary, and Winnie, Thackery comes home to live with you for free! Make sure you follow LynBDesigns on Instagram and Facebook for more news about the launch.

If you’d like to see my live swatch and review, click below!

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Swatch and Review: Shakespeare Collection by My World Sparkles Lacquer

Hey y’all! Welcome back! I hope that spring has been lovely to you and that you’re ready for summer because its coming…supposedly. Right now we have been dealing with what feels like nonstop rain which is great for my new flowers but awful for my poor, bored boys who just want to be outside all the time! Here’s hoping that some drier days are ahead!
So while its been pouring rain, Elizabeth over at My World Sparkles Lacquers has been pouring us a new collection (see what I did there??) and all of these polishes are inspired by the wonderfully imaginative and somewhat tragic stories of Shakespeare. I think you’ll recognize some of these polish names from excerpts you were forced to try to understand loved to read in high school and college. Shakespeare’s stories are MUCH more enjoyable and easier to understand as an adult than I did as a 16 year old high school student. Amirite?
So I’m just gonna show you the pics now and tell you about the polishes already since I’ve been rambling too long at this point. 🙂
All That Glistens is a black jelly base filled with translucent flakies that show pink, purple, blue, and gold reflects in different lights. The formula was an easy, medium consistency with no lumps or difficulty self leveling. The shreds of glitter all laid flat on my nail and there was no fishing required to get tons of it on my nail. I used 3 coats but it was opaque in 2. I added the third for some extra squishiness and depth. It dries a little flat, but not totally matte so I added a topcoat to make the glitter really shine.
A Winter’s Tale is a frosty white cruelly filled with various sized blue and black glitters with a surprise translucent star glitter here and there. The formula was a little thinner on this one but it was still an easy formula. All of the glitter came out easily with the exception of the large star glitter but there aren’t many in the bottle so I think that was intentional on the maker’s part to only put a few. The stars are also iridescent so they give a little something extra in certain lights. I used 3 coats plus topcoat and still had a slight VNL which I didn’t mind for this one because the shimmery base made it so delicate and ethereal.
Merchant of Venice is a medium pink jelly base filled with various sizes and shapes of blue, pink, and purple glitters. A true, girly glitter bomb, Merchant of Venice was one of my favorites which was a surprise for me because I don’t usually love pink on my nails. I only needed 2 coats to get tons of glitter and to reach opacity. I loved how squishy this one was – the perfect jelly consistency! All of the glitter laid flat on my nail and spread easily with no fishing. I added a topcoat for extra glossiness.
Love is Blind is a red shimmery crelly with bright and dark red hexes and red bar glitter. I know what you’re thinking – BAR GLITTER!? Listen, y’all…she took a risk when she added bar glitter. Bar glitter is a dirty word in the nail polish world – you either love it or hate it and most people hate it. I have to be honest…in Love is Blind, I DIDN’T hate it. With the shimmery-ness of the base and the fact that she used it very sparingly, the result wound up being a unique mani that I actually really liked. I used 3 coats of Love is Blind as it was a little on the more sheer side and it gave just enough glitter to feel finished. I added topcoat for extra glossiness here too.
Mid-Summer Night’s Dream is a shimmery lavender crelly with various sized and shaped purple, pink, and gold glitters along with some flower glitter and moon glitter. This one was totally my favorite! I used two coats of Mid-Summer Night’s Dream plus topcoat for a perfectly delicate and feminine mani. The glitter came out relatively easily – even the larger flower and moon glitter. I believe I got two of each without trying super hard to get them out. They all laid nice and smooth on my nail which made the formula on this one very easy and smooth.
Such Sweet Sorrow is a medium blue crelly with light blue and dark blue iridescent microflakies and glitter. I LOVE THIS ONE! Yes, I’m yelling – ya’ll know blue is my favorite nail color. This one looks like the ocean on your nails and the flakies dance across your nail in different lighting. I used 3 coats of Such Sweet Sorrow to reach opacity as it is a little on the sheer side but it built up nicely. The glitter all laid flat on my nail and the formula self leveled well. I added a glossy topcoat at the end as well.
Now this brings me to a very important point – are you a part of the Sparkleistas group on Facebook? This is the fan group for My World Sparkles Lacquers and its a very good place to be. Why? Because we hear about new polishes, see swatches, hear about sales before anyone else! And we get to interact with the maker, Elizabeth regularly. In addition to that, we get to buy special LE group custom shades! YAS. So let me show you our current group custom, Sparkleistas LE 2016.
Sparkleistas LE 2016 will only be available to group members (join HERE!). Its a gorgeous medium purple linear holographic polish with silver micro glitter and larger holo glitters. I only needed ONE coat plus topcoat for this mani. It went on super smooth and the larger glitters laid flat with no formula issues.
Also don’t forget to check out the Pamper Gems that she offers as well! They’re huge so you can get two uses out of them and the scent changes each month! This month’s is called April Showers and has the best fresh, light scent. I thoroughly enjoy using the MWS Pamper Gems because they always do wonders for my dry hands and cuticles. They always arrive to me in one piece and not crumbled because she double wraps them. She also includes a list of the ingredients directly on the package. Mine is little crumbled in the photo because my kiddos were trying to convince me that it was theirs. #kids These retail for $1.50 for one, $2.50 for two, or $3.75 for three.
The Shakespeare Collection launched on May 1st and is available now! You can get it through the My World Sparkles Lacquer store and if you buy the entire collection, you save $8! The polishes retail for $8 each or $40 for all six. I have a code for y’all too, PPP10 will save you 10%. Be sure to follow My World Sparkles on Instagram and Facebook and join our Sparkleistas Facebook group so you can be eligible for the group exclusive polish when it launches.
Do you like Shakespeare? Which is your favorite polish?
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Zoya Giveaway!

Hey y’all! Welcome back to my neck of the woods. Today I am sharing the link for an awesome giveaway – the entire Zoya Sunsets and Seashells collections! I teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to bring this to you guys. Special thanks to +Mannas Manis for setting it all up! All you have to do is enter below!


I’ve joined with some of my favorite bloggers to bring you this amazing Zoya giveaway!

Zoya Sunsets 6 piece collection
Zoya Seashells 6 piece collection

Sponsored by:
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1. US only.
2. No giveaway accounts, spam, or empty accounts. Winning entries will be checked and those will be disqualified.
3. You must be 18 years or older.
4. You will have 48 hours to respond to email to claim your prize. After 48 hours another winner will be chosen. Make sure you sign up with an email that you check frequently.
5. Giveaway entries are OPTIONAL. The only required entry is your email. However, the more entries you do, the more chances you have for winning.
6. Giveaway runs from May 23rd until May 30th at 11:59 pm EST.

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Review: Pop Rocks Trio by Black Label Nails

Hey y’all! Today on the blog I am sharing the brand new Pop Rocks trio from Black Label Nails with you! This adorable neon jelly trio is the perfect led lighters trio with a bonus – they are black light activated and glow like crazy! Since these are so very sheer, I do not have traditional swatch photos to share with you, rather some photos of a mani that I did with them so you could see them in action. I also have a live video showing how they work, so make sure you click below to see that.
The main technique that these polishes can be used for is led lighting. If you’ve never tried led lighting or you’re new to stamping – led lighting is the process used to “color in” stamped images after they’ve been stamped to your nail. Typically you will see this done over a white or silver base (silver holo is fun too!). In my mani, I chose to use a white base since these are neons so that they would pop more. I used UberChic Beauty plate #4-01 and my clear jelly stamper from BornPrettyStore to stamp the floral image on my ring finger. I waited for the stamping to be dry and then topcoated with a quick dry topcoat. Once it was all dry, I went back with the pink, Pop Rocks! Strawberry and filled in close to the flower’s centers. Then I used the blue, Pop Rocks! Tropical Punch and feathered it in with Strawberry to create a gradient effect between the colors. I used the green, Pop Rocks! Green Apple to give the stems some color and fill in the blank spaces between flowers. I used a small detail brush from UberChic Beauty to led light but you can also use a dotting tool.
Another technique I did using the Pop Rocks trio is shown on my index and middle finger. I painted my base color black and used a white creme to dry brush over the black. Then I used all three of the jellies to dab color over the dry brush. I just used the brushes inside the polishes themselves to dab the colors over the white.
The final technique that I did using the Pop Rocks trio was a squishy marble using all three colors. On my pinkie, I painted a white base and then dabbed a bunch of random dots of color on my nail and went back in with my clear stamper and smooshed them together until they started to blend. I peeled off my liquid latex barrier and topcoated marble. I stamped another image over it in black and topcoated again.
I found the Pop Rocks trio very easy to work with for led lighting purposes and found them to be multi functional with other techniques as well. They blend nicely and they’re the perfect sheerness to achieve a nice squishy look. They are also nice and bright and still give the neon effect despite being sheer.
If you’re interested in picking this collection up, it launches tomorrow, June 3rd in the Black Label Nails Etsy shop. They will be full size only and retail for $9. Jennifer will be offering a discount for purchases of the trio so if you’re interested in buying all three, email her for more information. You can also follow Black Label Nails on Instagramfor information on future releases!
What is your favorite technique to do with jelly polishes?