Fail-proof Manicure Tips You Need to Know

Do you enjoy doing your own nails at home but hate it when you mess up? Well, even professional nail technicians fail sometimes when they do their own nails because a fail-proof manicure can only be achieve through constant practice and knowing a few inside tricks. Here are some techniques that you can do at home to achieve that flawless manicure as if a pro did it:

Practice Makes Perfect

This line never gets old in any situation and apparently, it also applies in doing your nails. If you want to be good in nail art, you can start by practicing designs and placing stones on something other than your nail—like artificial nail tips or small pieces of paper. Begin by easy beginners design like creating few dots then use a toothpick to pull them all in toward the centre and finish it off with a rhinestone to make it look like a flower. Constant practice will give you great results in the end. Once you have mastered it, you can try doing it on your own nail or your friend’s.


Use tiny brush to paint fast-drying gel that you can later peel off once you are done designing. ND Nail Supply has is a nail supply store that has everything you need to achieve that nail art that you want.

Keep Your Nails Hydrated

Your nails also need to be hydrated the same way your body does. Making sure your fingertips are in good condition is an essential step in achieving a fail-proof manicure. Having a manicured nail in a rough cuticle can only make your digits look unprofessional and unfinished. Apply cuticle after you applied topcoat in your mani and pedi and apply it toward both sides to give your nails extra polish and shine. It will also make your nail polish last longer.

Be Creative with Your Tools

Don’t just settle to one kind of nail polish, use acrylic paint and nail polish to create pretty designs, then go crazy and layer rhinestones, glitter, and lace to your nails. DTK Nail Supply has all the nail beauty supply that you might need to achieve the look you want. You can order per piece or if you want to get big discounts you can order wholesale nail supplies. But be mindful of what to use especially when you are into applying decals. Tiny brushes makes painting designs super easy so it would be a wise decision if you invest in spare brushes. A small brush that you can dip into polish remover to clean up polish that gets into your skin is also a good investment. French nail art brushes are also good in creating beautiful effects and place rhinestones or crystals easily onto the nail with one tool. If you want your mani-pedi to last longer, just to the tips above and you will notice people complimenting your good nails.