The 19 Best Acrylic Nail Powder Reviews & Guide 2020

Best Acrylic Nail Powder

Are you looking for the powder needed for acrylic nails? Then you’re in the right place.

We’ve reviewed the best acrylic nail powders below. These include professional acrylic powder used by nail technicians in salons. Plus, there are also acrylic nail kits for doing your own manicures at home.

Before we begin, here’s some background information on acrylic powder.

The differences between acrylic nails, dip powder, and gels

One of the advantages of acrylic nail powder is that it doesn’t require UV light to cure as a gel polish does. It will however, require a liquid monomer to harden it (1).

Gel polish is painted on the nails, and each coat is cured under a lamp. Meanwhile, dip powder nails also need various coats of liquid, but they air dry. And instead of mixing the liquid and the powder together, you’ll paint the nail, then dip it in the powder.

Acrylic nails, however, require that you mix the powder and the liquid together before brushing it onto the nail. The liquid activates the powder so that it hardens while sticking to the nail.

Acrylics are convenient because they are easier to soak off with acetone and don’t need excessive filing for removal. Moreover, you can fill them as the nails grow. This means adding more acrylic powder and liquid monomer mixture in the gap near the cuticle.

Is it okay to mix different acrylic nail powder systems?

If you stay within the same system, you’re likely to end up with better results. If you use one brand of acrylic powder, mix it with the same brand of monomer. They are formulated to work properly with one another (2).

How to do a backfill on a French manicure

As with any other manicure, you’ll need to push the cuticle back and remove the shine of the natural nail by buffing it.

Also, take the shine off the acrylic manicure and file it to the desired length. Remember to shape the free edge and sides.

It will help the acrylic bond if you apply dehydrator and primer to the whole nail.

Now, place a bead of the pink acrylic to the exposed natural nail and create a new smile line. Let it cure, then shape it.

Then, apply white acrylic on the free edge, let it dry, and shape it. Bevel the acrylic by the cuticle so that it’s flush.

Use a hand file to perfect the shape, buff everything, and remove the dust. You can then apply top coat.

Expert tips for the perfect acrylic manicure

It’s never a good idea to apply acrylics on weak or damaged nails. If the artificial nail snags, it could tear off the natural nail. But if the nails are healthy, acrylics are very durable and long-lasting, especially because they can be filled.

Just like with any type of manicure, you’ll need to prepare the natural nails adequately. They need to be clean, dry, and oil-free. All the dust needs to be removed. If there’s any moisture, debris, or oil, the manicure will lift and peel. It’s also crucial to push back the cuticle (3).

Practice adjusting the forms to get the ideal shape. After you attach the form to the finger, check it from all angles to make sure it’s snug. If you get the C-curve right, you’ll strengthen the nails against damage. Keep checking it because as you add more acrylic, it will soften what’s already there and relax the curve.

Although most brands recommend two parts liquid monomer to one part powder, be sure to read the instructions. As a test, pick up a bead on the tip of your brush. Within a few seconds, it should turn into a shiny orb that maintains its shape. Experiment with colored and glittery acrylic powders as they will have a different texture.

When it’s time to file, start with 100 grit to remove excess acrylic. Then, shape with 150 grit and smooth the nail with 180 grit. Final touches are effortless with a buffing block or 220 grit.

Best Acrylic Nail Powder in 2020

Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail System Clear Acrylic Powder

Mia Secret offers small, medium, and large containers of acrylic powder. Besides clear, they have various other colors, some of which are available in sets like the one below.

Be sure to get enough liquid monomer to accompany the powder. You’ll be mixing it like this: two parts liquid to one part powder.

Beginners appreciate this brand because the acrylic mixture is easy to work with. It doesn’t set super fast, so there’s time to adjust what you’ve sculpted.

Reviewers also like how the powder is finely textured and consistent in color.

Also, the clear powder is formulated to maintain its transparency without yellowing. It also self-levels – which means that it “melts” into place for a smooth finish.

Mia Secret Fruity Collection Nail Acrylic Powder Set of 12

If you’re eager to dive into acrylics, you can’t go wrong with this inexpensive set with a dozen colors. The vibrant shades include classics like red apple, lemon, orange, and coffee.

Users say that they go on smooth. Depending on how wet the beads are, the color may look a little milky.

Although they are small containers, there’s plenty to play with, especially if you want to do ombre nails.

Young Nails Acrylic Powders

For professional results, get the liquid monomer from the same brand to blend with this acrylic powder. The powder is available in 19 different styles and four sizes of container.

The powder gets high marks for consistent texture and excellent adhesion. It self-levels and sets quickly.

Users comment that it’s easy to pick up, place, and distribute. It’s also straightforward to shape.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have a strong odor.

Please note that if you can’t find the monomer, reviewers have said they’ve had success pairing it with Mia Secret.

Beetles Professional Acrylic Nail Powder

Beetles has a wide variety of excessively-priced nail products for home users. Their acrylic powder comes in several bright colors for nail art. It doesn’t bubble or yellow, plus it lasts for weeks without chipping.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with any acrylic liquid or monomer from any brand.

Kiss Acrylic Powder Clear

Sculpt tips and fill your manicure with this transparent acrylic powder. You can also do overlays with it.

If applied correctly, it shouldn’t crack, bubble, lift, or yellow. Within moments, it self-levels to smooth ridges.

Kiss Acrylic Nail Fill Kit

If you’re curious about acrylics but hesitant to invest in a full set of tools and powders, try this miniature kit. It has all the basics.

Besides acrylic liquid and clear powder, it comes with a brush and nail file. There’s enough there for a couple of complete manicures or several fills.

Karlash Professional Acrylic Powder Crystal Clear

Experienced users who’ve tried a variety of brands recommend this powder for beginners.

One of its advantages is that it’s compatible with all acrylic liquid systems. What’s more, you don’t need a primer to bond it to the nail plate.

It features UV stabilizers to keep it transparent and prevent it from getting dull or yellowing. It shouldn’t bubble, either. It self-levels and sets to a glossy, smooth finish.

Modelones Clear Nail Acrylic Powder

Sculpt your nails or use this powder to create a nail overlay to protect the natural nail while it grows. It’s handy to have clear acrylic powder for rhinestones and nail art. Then, manicures done with it can last as long as three weeks.

If you choose to use it with different brands of acrylic liquid, test it before applying it. It may react differently with other monomers. But regardless of the liquid, it should self-level and dry within one to two minutes.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Modelones Acrylic Powder Nail Kit: French Manicure 4 Colors

Yes, you can do a French manicure with acrylic powder. This set has all the colors you need, including clear, nude, pink, and white.

Obviously, there’s no need for a nail lamp as the acrylics will dry within a couple of minutes. Then, the durable manicure can last up to three weeks. Plus, this kit is handy for backfills.

Glam And Glits Acrylic Powder

Here’s a brand of acrylic powder that offers glitter, shimmer, and vibrant colors. Reviewers say it “lays like butter” because it has a finely-milled consistency.

Adding a second coat will enhance the color.

Supernail Nail Powder

This transparent acrylic powder blends well with glitter mixes. It features high-tech polymers and consistent particle sizes for salon-quality performance. The powder is very fine in texture.

When mixed with the liquid monomer, it won’t crystallize, bubble, or yellow. It adheres with super strength and provides a long-lasting, durable finish.

Vafee Professional Clear Acrylic Nail Kit

Here’s a brand that makes no secret of the fact that their acrylic powder has a strong odor. But they are MMA-free to protect natural nails.

Although this is clear powder, you can mix it with any color from their lineup. Feel free to make custom shades. You can also alter the amount of acrylic liquid to change how fast it sets.

All the powders have UV stabilizers to keep them from becoming dull or yellowing.

Saviland Acrylic Powder Set – Glow in the Dark

How can you resist glow-in-the-dark acrylic powder? The set has ten luminous colors that look fluorescent during the day. At night, charge them up under a lamp to make them shine in the darkness.

What’s interesting is that you can mix this acrylic powder with dip powder. It’s non-toxic and self-leveling, non-yellowing, and bubble-free.

Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit

This French manicure kit comes with white, clear, and pink acrylic powder. You’ll need acrylic liquid, a glass for mixing, and a brush for application.

The manufacturer provides a replacement or refund service.

BORN PRETTY Nail Acrylic Powder Set

This is another pink, white, and clear powder set at a budget price. They offer suggestions for using it beyond a French manicure.

For example, it’s useful for making protective overlays that look like a natural nail. Also, it’s handy for 3D nail art, mixing with glitter, and overlays with opal or rhinestones.

Cooserry Acrylic Powder Nail Kit

This fun set contains nearly everything you need to get started with acrylics except for the liquid. There are a dozen pastel shades of powder, a nail brush, powder brush, and manicure tools. Moreover, it comes with instructions.

As a bonus, the powder is low-odor and doesn’t require a nail lamp to cure. After it’s mixed with the liquid and applied, it dries in two minutes or less in regular room air.

Reazeal Acrylic Powder and Monomer Liquid Kit

This is a true starter kit as it has powder and liquid. They are specially formulated to work perfectly with each other. Please note the powders are also compatible with all acrylic liquid systems in case you run out of monomer in the middle of a project.

Like most acrylic powders, it self-levels, which makes it handy for doing overlays. It perfects the surface of the natural nail. It’s also designed to remain transparent without yellowing or looking dull.

You won’t need a primer to help it adhere to the nail. But be prepared for the strong odor.

Latorice Nail Acrylic Powder and Liquid Set

The advantage of the set is that it includes the liquid, the powders, an application brush, a nail file, and molds for shaping the acrylic.

There are only three colors, however: clear, pink, and white. But you can mix them with other powders from the same brand.

Mia Secret Mia Secret Liquid Monomer

This 8-ounce bottle of liquid monomer will last for many manicures. It comes in a violet shade that reinforces the non-yellowing property of the transparent acrylic powder. But don’t worry, it’s a match for all the colors and won’t alter them.

The liquid acrylic is compatible with other brands of powder but is guaranteed to work with Mia Secret powders.


Since there is a rainbow of acrylic powders available, the only limit is your imagination. Use them for nail art, extensions, overlays, and durable manicures.

If these reviews helped you find your new favorite nail products, please come back and tell us about them. We’d love to hear what you’re learning.


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