When we think of the word floral nails, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of warm sunny spring or summer days, colourful and fresh  just like the flowers that we can wear in our nails. Good thing about having a 3D floral Nail Design is that you can carry your favourite flowers in your nails anywhere you go, no matter the season. The beauty of flowers is endless, so as the designs that you can put on your nails, there are tons of possibilities as long as you have the right tools and knowledge, you can create a spring-ready nails that’s fleeting, vibrant and Instagram-worthy. Given that there are several flowers and colour schemes to choose from, we offer you this lovely list of 3D floral design that you can do at home using LDS Nail Dipping Powder.


1. White Flower on Black Nails

When you are in the mood for a black nail but you don’t want to look too Goth, you need this mani. A realistic floral pattern on black base just looks stunning and is the perfect accessory for a party night.

2. White and Black Summer Flowers

A black base nail is a color that begs for something with a bit more punch. Some 3D floral made from LDS Liquid Dry Sealer and LDS French White on black give a very chic look to a fashionable mani.

3. Black and Yellow with White Flower

Plain black isn’t the only colour you can choose, you can combine black and yellow for a unique twist and it will look just as sexy and stunning. You can create your own 3D flower at the base or all over the nail and you got yourself a fab mani.

4. White Flowers on Purple

Purple is a neutral calming color just like blue but it can be a bit challenging to wear when coating your nails. You can coat your nails with LDS D105 Purple Papa Razzi with a white accent using LDS D74 Black List then decorate it with a soft white 3D petal flower. This look is something that others can’t help but admire.

5. Black-Blue Flowered Nails

Flower designs don’t have to be only for spring and summer seasons. This elegant mani is great for the fall season. LDS Liquid Dry Sealer combined LDS French White makes a realistic white 3D flowers on black-blue ombre base is simply beautiful.

6. Single Flower on Purple Nails

Pale purple is a color that is calming but not unnoticeable. Combine it with black and you can create a millennial ombre. A flowing 3D floral design only enhances the gentleness of this color, putting you at ease every time you look at your nails. Recreate this look and your nails will surely steal the show.