Swatch and Review: Shakespeare Collection by My World Sparkles Lacquer

Hey y’all! Welcome back! I hope that spring has been lovely to you and that you’re ready for summer because its coming…supposedly. Right now we have been dealing with what feels like nonstop rain which is great for my new flowers but awful for my poor, bored boys who just want to be outside all the time! Here’s hoping that some drier days are ahead!
So while its been pouring rain, Elizabeth over at My World Sparkles Lacquers has been pouring us a new collection (see what I did there??) and all of these polishes are inspired by the wonderfully imaginative and somewhat tragic stories of Shakespeare. I think you’ll recognize some of these polish names from excerpts you were forced to try to understand loved to read in high school and college. Shakespeare’s stories are MUCH more enjoyable and easier to understand as an adult than I did as a 16 year old high school student. Amirite?
So I’m just gonna show you the pics now and tell you about the polishes already since I’ve been rambling too long at this point. 🙂
All That Glistens is a black jelly base filled with translucent flakies that show pink, purple, blue, and gold reflects in different lights. The formula was an easy, medium consistency with no lumps or difficulty self leveling. The shreds of glitter all laid flat on my nail and there was no fishing required to get tons of it on my nail. I used 3 coats but it was opaque in 2. I added the third for some extra squishiness and depth. It dries a little flat, but not totally matte so I added a topcoat to make the glitter really shine.
A Winter’s Tale is a frosty white cruelly filled with various sized blue and black glitters with a surprise translucent star glitter here and there. The formula was a little thinner on this one but it was still an easy formula. All of the glitter came out easily with the exception of the large star glitter but there aren’t many in the bottle so I think that was intentional on the maker’s part to only put a few. The stars are also iridescent so they give a little something extra in certain lights. I used 3 coats plus topcoat and still had a slight VNL which I didn’t mind for this one because the shimmery base made it so delicate and ethereal.
Merchant of Venice is a medium pink jelly base filled with various sizes and shapes of blue, pink, and purple glitters. A true, girly glitter bomb, Merchant of Venice was one of my favorites which was a surprise for me because I don’t usually love pink on my nails. I only needed 2 coats to get tons of glitter and to reach opacity. I loved how squishy this one was – the perfect jelly consistency! All of the glitter laid flat on my nail and spread easily with no fishing. I added a topcoat for extra glossiness.
Love is Blind is a red shimmery crelly with bright and dark red hexes and red bar glitter. I know what you’re thinking – BAR GLITTER!? Listen, y’all…she took a risk when she added bar glitter. Bar glitter is a dirty word in the nail polish world – you either love it or hate it and most people hate it. I have to be honest…in Love is Blind, I DIDN’T hate it. With the shimmery-ness of the base and the fact that she used it very sparingly, the result wound up being a unique mani that I actually really liked. I used 3 coats of Love is Blind as it was a little on the more sheer side and it gave just enough glitter to feel finished. I added topcoat for extra glossiness here too.
Mid-Summer Night’s Dream is a shimmery lavender crelly with various sized and shaped purple, pink, and gold glitters along with some flower glitter and moon glitter. This one was totally my favorite! I used two coats of Mid-Summer Night’s Dream plus topcoat for a perfectly delicate and feminine mani. The glitter came out relatively easily – even the larger flower and moon glitter. I believe I got two of each without trying super hard to get them out. They all laid nice and smooth on my nail which made the formula on this one very easy and smooth.
Such Sweet Sorrow is a medium blue crelly with light blue and dark blue iridescent microflakies and glitter. I LOVE THIS ONE! Yes, I’m yelling – ya’ll know blue is my favorite nail color. This one looks like the ocean on your nails and the flakies dance across your nail in different lighting. I used 3 coats of Such Sweet Sorrow to reach opacity as it is a little on the sheer side but it built up nicely. The glitter all laid flat on my nail and the formula self leveled well. I added a glossy topcoat at the end as well.
Now this brings me to a very important point – are you a part of the Sparkleistas group on Facebook? This is the fan group for My World Sparkles Lacquers and its a very good place to be. Why? Because we hear about new polishes, see swatches, hear about sales before anyone else! And we get to interact with the maker, Elizabeth regularly. In addition to that, we get to buy special LE group custom shades! YAS. So let me show you our current group custom, Sparkleistas LE 2016.
Sparkleistas LE 2016 will only be available to group members (join HERE!). Its a gorgeous medium purple linear holographic polish with silver micro glitter and larger holo glitters. I only needed ONE coat plus topcoat for this mani. It went on super smooth and the larger glitters laid flat with no formula issues.
Also don’t forget to check out the Pamper Gems that she offers as well! They’re huge so you can get two uses out of them and the scent changes each month! This month’s is called April Showers and has the best fresh, light scent. I thoroughly enjoy using the MWS Pamper Gems because they always do wonders for my dry hands and cuticles. They always arrive to me in one piece and not crumbled because she double wraps them. She also includes a list of the ingredients directly on the package. Mine is little crumbled in the photo because my kiddos were trying to convince me that it was theirs. #kids These retail for $1.50 for one, $2.50 for two, or $3.75 for three.
The Shakespeare Collection launched on May 1st and is available now! You can get it through the My World Sparkles Lacquer store and if you buy the entire collection, you save $8! The polishes retail for $8 each or $40 for all six. I have a code for y’all too, PPP10 will save you 10%. Be sure to follow My World Sparkles on Instagram and Facebook and join our Sparkleistas Facebook group so you can be eligible for the group exclusive polish when it launches.
Do you like Shakespeare? Which is your favorite polish?