Swatch and Review: Hocus Pocus Mini Collection By LynBDesigns

Hey y’all! Today on the blog I have some swatches from LynBDesigns to share with you! I’m going to go ahead and spoil the review for you here – these are so good! I usually don’t gravitate towards micro glitters but these all have great formulas and are super blingy and beautiful! The collection is inspired by the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus which, admittedly, I’ve never seen (don’t stone me!) but I love these nevertheless!
The first polish in the collection is Sarah, based on the youngest sister. Sarah can best be described as a dense micro glitter in a pink jelly base. The addition of the scattered holo micro glitter in these is what makes them super special, in my opinion! Shown below in 2 coats plus topcoat, these dry to a shiny finish on their own but you guys know I always topcoat! The formula is a bit on the thicker side but I didn’t have any issues getting these to spread across my nail in thin coats.
The second polish in the collection is Mary, inspired by the middle Sanderson sister. Okay, so this one was one of my two favorites. Mary is like Thanksgiving in a bottle! She can best be described as a coppery-brown micro glitter with scattered holo micro glitter in a brown jelly base. I felt like Mary was a touch sheerer than Sarah and wound up doing 3 thin coats, shown below. 3 coats will not only bring Mary to opacity, but it will also bring the color on your nail to the same depth as the bottle. Same formula as Sarah – thick but easy to do in thin coats, not chunky and a beautiful glitter displacement.
The third in the collection is Winnie – inspired by the eldest Sanderson sister. Winnie is best described as a green, teal and yellow micro glitter in a green jelly base. Shown below in 3 thin coats plus topcoat, Winnie felt the sheerest to me of all 4 but deepened to a beautiful forrest green with three coats. Her formula felt more on the jelly side than any of the others, which I loved (I’m a sucker for jellies!) and though the formula was a bit on the thick side I had no issues with application. I love the little flashes of yellowy gold and teal in the midst of the green!
The fourth and final polish in the collection is Thackery – my second favorite! Thackery can best be described as a black micro glitter with holo and purple micro glitter mixed in a black jelly base. The holo in Thackery is unreal! Its almost like a night sky on your nails. Thackery was more opaque like Sarah and only required two coats for maximum depth and opacity. The formula on Thackery is identical to the others, thicker – but easy to control and apply in thin coats. He dries to a glossy finish as well but I did two coats plus topcoat here.

So you probably want some details on how to get these pretties, right? They launch as a collection on October 23rd at 7PM EST at If you buy the three sisters, Sarah, Mary, and Winnie, Thackery comes home to live with you for free! Make sure you follow LynBDesigns on Instagram and Facebook for more news about the launch.

If you’d like to see my live swatch and review, click below!