Best Gel Polish Brand

The 11 Best Gel Polish Brand Reviews & Guide 2020

How do you determine which is the best gel polish brand?

Is it the nail polish that lasts the longest? Or the one with the broadest range of colors?

Should you stick to professional gel polish brands? How about a gel-like polish that doesn’t require UV light to cure?

As you can see, there are many questions to consider whether you’re doing a home manicure or visiting a salon.

Let’s begin with the advantages of gel polish over traditional nail lacquer.

The pros of gel polish versus regular nail lacquer

Traditional nail polish tends to chip off after a few days. But gel polish is durable enough to last for three weeks without peeling or chipping. It can strengthen weak and thin nails.

What’s the price that you pay for this durability? Gels require multiple coats plus a nail lamp to dry, so there’s more upfront expense compared to nail lacquer. They are also harder to remove as they require soaking.

However, gel manicures allow for creative nail art. You can get stunning results from nail stamping, holographic chrome powder, and color-changing polishes.

Gel polish retains its vibrant color and shine for weeks, too. You won’t be tempted to bite your nails when they look this good and nothing is peeling.

How to choose the best gel nail polish brand

As you shop for gel polish, it’s just like anything else. You’ll likely pay more for the brand name. But in many cases, it’s worth it.

Well-established brands like essie, OPI, and Sally Hansen offer a wide variety of shades, including seasonal colors. It’s possible to purchase individual polishes instead of having to get an entire set.

Moreover, the name brand gels settle smoothly into place, filling in ridges and requiring fewer coats than cheap polishes.

While you look for your new favorite gel polish, consider the following:

  • Is it a professional brand used in salons?
  • Can the polish cure under LED lamps, or does it require old school UV light?
  • Does the brand offer the colors you want?
  • Are there additional specialty polishes like temperature-changing colors?
  • Is this brand’s top coat, colored polish, or base coat compatible with other brands?
  • Does the price fit into your budget?

We hope to answer many of these questions in the reviews below. But before we move on, here are some essential tips from the experts.

Expert tips for a healthy, long-lasting manicure every time

Gel polishes are long-lasting and protective of thin nails. But they don’t allow the nails to breathe. It’s smart to give your nails a break every so often. Take a vacation from gel manicures and try a gel-like polish instead. (You’ll find some of these gel-look options below).

Next, since you’ll be exposing your skin to UV light to cure the gel polish, invest in a pair of protective gloves, or at least apply sunscreen to your hands. Repeated exposure can lead to age spots, among other problems.

Also, gels last for weeks at a time. Be sure to examine your nails each time you remove the polish for any signs of infection.

Speaking of polish removal, if you’re doing your own manicures, learn how to remove gels safely to avoid stripping layers of the natural nail. Remember to moisturize as acetone can be quite drying.

Finally, soaking in hot water can wreck a gel manicure. Remember to put on gloves when washing the dishes and keep your hands out of the water if you take a hot bath.

Best Gel Polish Brand in 2020

Now, let’s take a look at the best brands of gel polish.


American brand essie gets high marks from professionals throughout the profession and beauty industries as well as home users. You’ll see models wearing their colors around the world.

The business was started in 1981 by Essie Weingarten. In the decades since then, they’ve developed nearly 1000 colors, with 250 in the current catalog. This polish brand is a favorite of icons like Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle.

Fans of essie Gel Couture point out that the mirror-finish topcoat ensures maximum wear time.

essie Gel Couture Longwear Nail Polish + Top Coat Kit

To get you started with essie, we recommend this kit with one bottle of colored polish and one of clear glossy top coat. It’s everything you need since there’s no base coat required.

Choose from various iconic shades like Rock the Runway red or Turn ‘N’ Pose purple. Each bottle comes with a patented swirl stem applicator brush.

You can expect at least two weeks of chip-free color with this polish.


Did you know that OPI used to be a dental supply company? It was called Odontorium Products Inc (1). In the eighties, they developed and sold an acrylic nail system exclusively to salons.

In 2007, they reformulated to eliminate harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. As of 2010, they are part of Coty.

Fans love the incredible range of stunning colors, including hard-to-find shades. Furthermore, each bottle comes with a signature skinny brush for precision application.

OPI GelColor Gel Clear Base and Top Coats for Gel Nail Polish

If you have an Amazon Business account with a beauty license, you can purchase authentic OPI gel polish.

Take for example this pack with base and top coat, both of which cure in 30 seconds. The top coat is available in high gloss or matte finishes.

There are over 140 shades of colored gel polish currently available.

A manicure done with these products should last up to 3 weeks.


Daisy DND is a brand that you’ll see in salons all around the world. It was established in 2011 in the USA. The company began with nail varnish then shifted to gels.

Many of the employees around the world have been salon owners. Therefore, the company is continuously innovating to please nail techs and customers alike.

DNDDuo Gel (Gel & Matching Polish) Fall Set

Speaking of innovation, it doesn’t get much better than this. This set comes with soak-off gel polish and a matching bottle of regular nail polish. The colors are the same because you can use the nail lacquer to touch up the gel or simply wear the one instead of the other.

The gel polish must be cured under a nail lamp, but it only takes 30 seconds under an LED light. Remember that you’ll still need a base coat and top coat for it.

Kiara Sky

Here’s a brand named after a cute little girl. Her parents are nail artists who started their company in California over 15 years ago. Now, their products are sold in more than 85 countries.

Kiara Sky Gel Polish Duo, Top and Base Coat

Start your collection with the base and top coats you need for Kiara Sky gels. Both will cure in 30 seconds under an LED nail lamp. The finish will stay fade-free and glossy for two to three weeks.

What’s more, they soak off in a few minutes when you want to renew your manicure.

The formula is cruelty-free and lacks many of the typical harsh ingredients. Plus, it’s fortified with vitamins to nourish the nails.

Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set

Modelones is a brand from China with US headquarters in California. They offer different sets of six shimmery gel polishes that can last up to two weeks.

These are true gels – you’ll need a UV nail dryer to cure them. Don’t forget the base coat and top coat, too.

Choose between matte or glossy finishes depending on which top coat you use.

AIMEILI Temperature Color-Changing Chameleon Gel Nail Polish Set Of 4

AIMEILI was established in Hong Kong in 2012. They anticipate three fade-free and chip-free weeks with their gel polish.

What’s interesting is that the colors change according to your body temperature just like a mood ring. It creates an ombre effect.

For best results, roll the bottle between your hands before applying it. Apply base coat and cure for one minute under a UV lamp (or half that time under LED). Paint on the colored polish and cure again before adding a second coat.

Lastly, the no-wipe top coat cures without a sticky residue. But you’ll need to purchase it and the base coat separately.

Beetles Color-Changing Gel Polish Set

Beetles began in New Jersey. They source their ingredients from the USA, the UK, and the European Union. But the polishes are manufactured in China to keep the cost low.

Beetles has chameleon polish that changes color according to the temperature. Happily, it’s 9-free and has virtually no odor.

What’s more, the polish is produced in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) factory, and it’s checked for heavy metals and toxins. You can even request an SDS (safety data sheet).

If you prepare your nails properly and follow the directions, the manicure can last at least three weeks. You’ll probably want to redo it because your nails have grown, not because they’ve chipped.

It’s easy to remove once you buff the shine off the surface and soak the nails for 15 minutes. You can push the sudden remnants of the polish right off with a cuticle stick.

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Set – Nude Grays 6 Colors

Gellen appears to be a sister company to Gelish, and both are under the umbrella of Gelpolish. It was challenging to find more information other than they might be a trademark registered by a Chinese business. But although their founding story may be murky, their gel polishes are growing in popularity.

The polish can last for two weeks or longer, and there are 300 shades available. What’s handy is that the colors are compatible with other brands of base coat and top coat.

Sally Hansen

People call this a budget brand, but this is the kind of polish everyone should try. It’s formulated for durability and ease of application. The formulas are infused with argan oil for extra moisture. Plus, the unique style of brush simplifies painting on the polish.

The real Sally Hansen lived in New York City in the 1950s. She and her husband developed nail formulas together, including the famous Hard as Nails.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

We’re going to cheat a little bit here and include a gel polish that doesn’t require UV light to cure. The Miracle Gel lasts up to two weeks without chipping. Moreover, you’ll still need the colored polish and the top coat to finish the manicure. But there’s no need for a base coat.

Yes, you can get a salon-quality finish with it. Trust the numbers – this is the number 1 gel-like polish in the USA.

When it’s time to switch shades, nail polish remover does all the heavy lifting. There’s no need for a nail drill.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish, Metallics

We couldn’t resist including this gorgeous metallic polish. No, it doesn’t require UV light, so it’s not a real gel polish. It’s gel-like, which is handy if you want to take a break and let your nails breathe.

Not only is the shade eye-catching, the formula is vegan and 8-free. The finish is shiny like glass, and the color won’t stain your nails.

You’ll need base coat, color, and top coat for weeks of wear.

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Top and Base Coat, Gel Lab Pro

Some call this an “at-home gel nail polish.” It’s an award-winning product recommended by manicurists, beauty magazines, and Instagram celebrities. Use it when you want to give your nails a break from gel manicures.

Part of its allure comes from the nourishing ingredients and non-toxic formula. It strengthens the natural nails while you wear it with biotin, green tea, and evening primrose.

Furthermore, the contour brush is thoughtfully designed and easy to use.

It’s durable enough for two weeks of wear, then soaks off in a few minutes.


If you’re excited to do your own gel manicures, there are gel polish brands to fit every budget with vibrant colors that suit everyone.

You don’t even have to have a nail lamp as you can get nearly the same performance level out of gel-look polishes.

We hope we helped you find your new favorite nail polish today. If so, come back and tell us about your experience with it.


1. accessed November 25, 2020

Best Liquid Latex for Nails

The 14 Best Liquid Latex for Nails Reviews & Guide 2020

Don’t you hate it when you get nail polish on your cuticles? Or when the nail stamper bleeds over onto your skin?

None of that has to happen. You can save yourself a lot of work. You’ll be like the painters who mask areas they don’t want to paint with tape.

All you need is the best liquid latex for nails.

Brush it around the edges of the nail and let it dry. Then, no polish or glue will get on the skin. Once you’re done, peel off the dried latex. Ta-da, perfect results with no cleanup needed!

But wait, what if you have a latex allergy? No problem – there are latex-free liquid tapes for nail art.

Plus, there’s one more trick. You can also create a barrier around your nails with a peel-off base coat. We’ll get to that in the reviews below. In the meantime, let’s talk about peel-off latex for nails.

How to use liquid latex for nails

If you purchase it for doing your nails, liquid latex comes in a small bottle with an applicator brush. It’s also possible to get latex in large bottles for doing costumes.

It resembles glue but dries more quickly. It will cure in a couple of minutes. But be sure to spread your fingers or toes wide apart to avoid sticking them together with the latex. If you apply two coats, it will be much easier to remove after the manicure.

Before you close the bottle, wipe off the neck so that the lid seals tightly. Store it in a cool place.

What can I use instead of liquid latex for nail art?

A latex allergy can be life-threatening. Instead of masking the skin around your nails with latex, there are similar products available. We’ve reviewed two of the best liquid latex alternatives below.

Also, you could try using non-toxic school glue, but it takes several minutes longer to dry. Then, there’s the trick of using Vaseline, but that gets pretty messy. Finally, there’s striping tape, but it may not stick adequately to the skin around the nails, and polish could overflow underneath it.

How do you know if you have a latex allergy?

If you’re allergic to bananas, avocado, kiwi fruit, passionfruit, chestnuts, rubber gloves, or balloons, you should probably skip using liquid latex. The more you expose your immune system to it, the worse it responds (1).

Mild reactions include itching, redness, and hives. But you also may develop a scratchy throat, cough, itchy eyes, and a runny nose. In the worst-case scenario, you could have an anaphylactic reaction that requires urgent medical treatment.

Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on liquid latex as you have the following options below.

Best Liquid Latex for Nails in 2020

PUEEN NEW LATEX-FREE Liquid Cuticle Guard

The best liquid latex for nails alternative is right here. It has no latex, and it’s odor-free.

The liquid turns clear when it’s dry, and it will peel off in one piece.

Use it as a barrier to keep your skin polish-free while stamping and marbling. It helps with everyday manicures, too.

Would you like to know a secret? It doubles as a peel-off base coat.

Yes, you can paint this liquid on your nails and test different shades of polish. Cleanup is a snap, as you won’t need to soak in acetone.

The manufacturer recommends shaking the bottle before use. Let it dry for a couple of minutes after application. It will turn clear when it’s ready.

Reviewers say they’ve gotten more than ten uses out of the bottle. Also, if you use a pair of tweezers to grasp the edge of the dried barrier, it’s easier to remove.

UNT Ready For Takeoff Peelable Base Coat, No Latex Cuticle Barrier

Here’s another latex-free alternative for your nails. No, it’s not glue – it dries much faster than that. Plus, it’s 10-free, which makes it non-toxic enough for kids.

That’s right; there’s no latex, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, DBP, and so on. It’s a liquid painter’s tape and a straightforward base coat all-in-one.

Use it to mask off the skin around your nails when you do glitter, nail art, stamping, ombre designs, holographic nails, and more.

It’s also handy when you love to change your nail color every couple of days. With it as a base coat, you can peel-off the color without soaking in nail polish remover.

For best results, apply two or three thin layers, waiting for each coat to dry before brushing on the next. It may take as long as 6 minutes to cure in regular room air since it’s water-based.

To remove the dried cuticle tape, push the edge with a wooden cuticle stick and lift. If any residue is left, a little nail polish remover will soften it.

The anticipated shelf life is three years. Store it tightly sealed away from heat and direct sunlight.

PUEEN Latex Tape Cuticle Guard Skin Barrier

Now, let’s switch to liquid latex tape. This one starts white and turns pink when it’s dry.

It has a slight ammonia odor that fades as it dries.

Once dry, it’s stretchy and flexible. Therefore, it’s useful as a peel-off base coat for glitter nails or any time you want to change polish colors quickly.

Beetles Latex Liquid Nail Simple Peel-off Cuticle Guard

Nail art giant Beetles offers this gentle liquid latex formula that dries in a couple of minutes.

What’s interesting is that it can be exposed to cold temperatures to the point of freezing, yet defrost and be ready to use once more.

Be sure to shake the bottle before brushing on the liquid. When it’s dry, it will turn clear.

As a bonus, the kit comes with two bottles of liquid latex and a manicure stick to help you lift the dried tape to remove it.

Ejiubas Latex Tape Skin Barrier

This low-odor latex dries to a pink finish in a couple of minutes and peels off easily. It comes with cuticle sticks for quick removal.

The mild formula shouldn’t irritate the skin or cause excess dryness. It will allow you to do nail stamping, marbling, and ombre nails without making a mess.

Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Liquid Latex

This liquid latex sparkles. No, seriously, when it’s dry, it’s iridescent. You can actually see the glitter in it.

It has a faint ammonia odor that disappears rapidly. What’s nice is that it peels off in one piece.

The half-ounce bottle comes with an applicator brush with plastic bristles. But why plastic? It turns out that liquid latex will wreck synthetic or natural hair brushes. Just wash it in warm soapy water, rinse well, and stick it back in the bottle when you’re done.

Moreover, this liquid latex only has a 6-month shelf life. It’s made to be used up while it’s fresh. Don’t stick it in the fridge, but do keep it in a cool, dark place.

PrettyDiva Liquid Latex for Nails

This is a set with two bottles of peel-off tape. One is pink, and the other is white. Both become translucent once they dry.

If your hands are warm, the liquid dries in as little as 30 seconds.

Modelones Liquid Latex for Nails

You might’ve caught on to the fact that although there are different brands, most types of liquid latex are pretty much the same. The packaging and the prices are different, though.

Like the competition, this liquid latex dries clear in two minutes or less. It simplifies cleanup after nail stamping, sponging, and marbling.

It will be easier to peel off later if you’ve applied at least two coats.

AIMEILI Latex Tape Skin Protector for Nail Art

If it’s cold in your house, it will take longer for liquid latex to dry. It could be as long as 7 minutes if your hands are cold, too. But don’t worry if the liquid freezes because it will work fine once it thaws.

This one dries to a translucent white color reminiscent of school glue.

Lace Liquid Latex Tape by Twinkled T

If you’re frustrated with pink and white liquid latex that dries clear, you’re not alone. It’s hard to see where you’ve applied it. But not in this case! This latex dries mint blue. There will be absolutely no question where the boundaries are.

Furthermore, it sticks to both skin and nails. Therefore, you can use it as a base coat for glitter bombs.

Since it sticks to everything while it’s wet, it’s more comfortable to paint just one hand at a time and let it dry before moving on to the next.

Reviewers say one coat is usually enough as it peels easily. It also has very little odor.

DR.MODE Liquid Latex for Nails

If you’re on a budget, this set comes with two bottles of skin barrier plus tweezers. There are two colors: white and pink. They have a faint ammonia odor, but that fades as liquid dries in sixty seconds.

Should you try it and end up dissatisfied, they offer a full refund with no questions asked.

The stainless steel tweezers come in handy for grasping the edge and peeling off the tape.

Magique VitalePen & Magique SecondSkin Bundle

While you’re stocking up on liquid latex, get cuticle oil as well. This bundle has both plus cuticle sticks.

While the liquid tape ensures perfect results, the oil provides a salon-quality finish.

What’s nice is that the latex here smells like roses instead of ammonia. It also serves as a temporary base coat for when you change nail designs frequently.

When you apply the latex, it sticks to skin and nails alike. To make it easier on yourself, put cotton balls between your toes, or use finger separators to keep your digits from touching. If you apply a second coat, it will be easier to see and remove when it’s dry.

Here’s something crucial to remember: peel off the latex before the polish is completely dry. Otherwise, you might accidentally rough up the edges of the polish.

As for the cuticle oil, it keeps the skin around your nails healthy. When it’s well-moisturized instead of dehydrated, it’ll be easier to peel off the latex. It also looks much nicer.

If you’ll be using the liquid latex as a base coat, be sure to use non-latex sponges when you do gradients or marbling. Also, latex will destroy synthetic and natural hair brushes. Instead, use plastic bristles and save pricier brushes for nail art.

In the end, there are two other advantages to getting this bundle. For one, they include a free e-book to inspire you and instruct you in nail art. And second, the manufacturer offers a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

INFELING Chrome Holographic Nail Powder with Liquid Latex

Let’s face it; holographic nails are fabulous. With this chrome powder set, it’s easy to create a gorgeous holo effect. To make it even bolder, use dark-colored gel polish as the base coat.

The powder is 35 microns in size, which is ideal for this purpose.

The kit comes with liquid latex to keep your cuticle powder-free. By masking off your fingers, you’ll waste less powder, too.

Makartt Complete Nail Stamping Kit

Did you know that you need special nail stamping polish to get salon-perfect results? Happily, this kit has literally everything to do nail stamping.

It contains four colors of gel polish, along with a base coat and a top coat. There are stamping plates with ten styles and detailed designs, plus a scraper to remove excess polish.

Then, there’s a silicone stamper that imprints the polish smoothly across the curve of the nail.

But don’t forget the liquid latex and the nail lamp. Those are also in the box. As you can imagine, this is a superb starter set and would make an excellent gift for someone.


Liquid latex (and non-latex liquid tape) makes all sorts of manicures faster to do. It’s much less messy as it cuts down on cleanup. Moreover, you don’t need to have a steady hand because you won’t need to worry about overflowing polish.

Choose from colored and translucent liquid latex, depending on your preference. Admittedly, the colored latex is easier to see, which makes for fewer mistakes. You can also get odor-free and low-odor versions that are gentle to the skin.



Best Nail Buffer

The 15 Best Nail Buffer Reviews & Guide 2020

There’s no harm in buffing your nails as long as you don’t overdo it. It’s possible to make them so shiny that others will think you’re wearing polish.

It’s also essential to file and buff your nails for a manicure. Buffing provides traction for polish or glue if you wear artificial nails.

But which is the best nail buffer? How do you know which grit you need?

It all depends on why you’re buffing your nails and what their condition is.

How to buff your nails, according to the experts

There’s not much of a difference between nail files and nail buffers. Typically, files are flat, and buffers are blocks. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use one in place of the other, depending on the purpose.

If you are preparing to apply polish, artificial nails, or extensions, you need to remove your natural nails’ shine (1).

It’s convenient to use a nail file to shape the natural nail first. Slide the file from the corner of the nail out to the middle. Maintain this action, moving in only one direction, until you achieve the shape you desire. Please don’t file back-and-forth as that can weaken the nail.

After shaping, use the gritty side of the nail buffer to rough up the surface. Make a few gentle strokes in one direction, then create an X-shape by coming from the other side. Use gentle motions to avoid thinning your nail too much. Even if there are still some ridges or rough spots, the polish will help smooth the surface.

That’s as far as you need to go before applying polish or artificial nails.

But if you wish to make your nails glossy without polish, wipe off the dust with a dry cloth. Now, continue with the fine grit side of the buffer. Use a few more unidirectional strokes to smooth the nails further.

Finally, hold the smooth side against the surface and move it in small circular motions. A new buffer should make the nails glossy quickly. Add cuticle oil, and you’re done. The plant oils and vitamins will strengthen the nails.

Your nails will stay shiny for days afterward. Plus, you can touch up the shine once a week (or more frequently if you use only the smooth side of the buffer).

Which kind of nail buffer is best?

We’re fans of the block buffers with different grits on different sides. But there’s no problem using nail files as long as they aren’t too abrasive or gritty.

It’s crucial to protect the nails by avoiding harsh abrasives. Never use a nail buffer that’s coarser than 180-grit on the surface of the nail (2). (The smaller the number, the rougher and grittier the file).

Next, 240-grit is suitable for the smoothing stage. Just be sure to remove the dust before switching to the more refined texture.

You might also enjoy using a chamois buffer with buffing cream. This adds extra gloss and helps protect the nail.

Best Nail Buffer in 2020

Soft N’ Style 4-Way Shiny Block

When we say “nail buffer,” it’s likely that you’ll imagine something like this product. It’s a foam block with a different texture on each side.

This one is appropriate for artificial and natural nails. The coarsest side can file and shape the tips. Next, the second side removes ridges.

The third side erases stains and smooths the surface. Lastly, the fourth side polishes to a high shine.

Revlon Beauty Tools Shape ‘N Buff Nail Buffer

Revlon’s nail buffer is compact all-in-one tool. The black coarse side is ideal for shaping the nail tip, while the white side smooths ridges.

But this isn’t a two-trick pony. Look at the edges of the buffer, and you’ll see there are two more options—one buffs, and the other polishes the surface. Buffing removes stains, and polishing leaves the nail gleaming.

Reviewers say it leaves their fingers looking like they have clear nail polish on them.

The only downside is that this is a disposable product. After a certain number of uses, it won’t perform as well as it did when it was new—plan on replacing it after approximately twenty manicures.

Teenitor Gel Nail File Set

Here’s the best nail buffer for gel nails. Actually, it’s excellent for any manicure type as comes with a versatile set of nail files.

Moreover, they are washable, which means you can sanitize them to prevent transferring fungal infections and bacteria.

The kit comes with sturdy double-sided files with a variety of textures.

For example, there is a silver-colored file with 150-grit that quickly sands long nails. Follow that with the silver 180-grit file to grind the edges. Both of these are helpfully marked “Edge.”

The FLEX files, meanwhile, are for the nail surface. They are thicker and labeled with the grit number, like 200/280, 100/180, and 1000/4000. The first two can remove bubbles from the polish before the next coat or prep for gluing extensions. The latter is excellent for making the nails glisten without any polish at all.

Makartt Fine Nail Buffer Block 10PCS

Are you addicted to shiny nails? Would you buff them every day if you could? Then this is the best nail buffer for you.

This pack of ten dual-sided files will smooth and shine the surface of the nails. One side is 400-grit for buffing, and the other is 6000-grit for a mirror-gloss finish.

Keep in mind these aren’t ideal for shaping nails. Instead, they are gentle enough for frequently touching up your manicure.

DR. MODE Professional Manicure Glass Nail Shiner

Glass nail buffers are washable and durable. They can be reused many times and are safe for the nail surface. They are also an eco-friendly solution.

The nano glass only takes 30 seconds to shine up the nails and smooth the edges.

The dark-colored file has a coarser texture, while the light-colored one has a fine grit.

Reviewers say the glass files outlast other products they’ve tried. They work surprisingly fast and don’t fall apart like typical emery boards.

Onsen Secret Professional Nail Buffer

One of the best nail buffers for ridges comes from Japan. Although it has four sides, it only offers three steps. That’s because there are two white sides for shining up the nail. Since that’s the part that wears out first on nail buffers, it’s a smart design.

As the manufacturer points out, buffing your nails is good for them. It cleans the surface, removing leftover chemicals and improving circulation. Moreover, the file features minerals from Japanese hot springs to heal the nails.

Each time you buff your nails with this product, the effects should last up to 10 days. Be sure to seal in moisture and nutrients by finishing with a cuticle conditioner.

BTYMS 7-Way Nail File and Buffer Blocks

When they call this a “seven-way” buffer block, that’s incorrect. It’s a collection of four two-sided nail files with a variety of textures. Each step in the process is clearly labeled and numbered, and each part of the file is color-coded, too.

There’s coarse and medium for shaping and refining. Then, there are options for conditioning, smoothing, buffing, and polishing.

But wait, you’ve noticed that there are four files. Therefore there should be eight textures. What they’ve done instead is duplicate the polishing step on two different files. That’s handy as it’s the part that wears out the fastest.

All of the files are washable and reusable.

Tropical Shine Mini 4-Way Nail Buffer Block

This is the essential nail buffer block with all the bases covered. One side is filing and shaping, the next for removing ridges, the third for smoothing the surface, and the fourth for creating a glossy shine.

The advantage of this block is that it has a cuticle protection edge so that you don’t give yourself hang nails.

The biggest complaint we heard is that it’s hard to buff short or little nails with this size of block.

Tachibelle 4-Way Super Shine Buffing Block

Fans of K-beauty are already aware of this product. It’s a salon-quality buffer block made in Korea.

Yes, there are four sides, but only three steps. The first step for shaping the nails is available on two sides, not just one. Since that’s the grit that gets the most use, it’s a genius design.

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you can finish each fingernail in only 20 seconds.

Biutee Nail Files Buffer 10pcs Set

The serious manicurist will appreciate this set with all the nail files and buffers needed for manicures and pedicures.

First, there are five black coarse files. One side is 100-grit, and the other is 180-grit. They are tough enough to shape artificial nails and extensions, not just natural nails.

Next, there are five colorful buffer blocks. Three of the blocks have just one texture each. They are coarse enough to be useful for removing the shine of gel polish prior to soaking in acetone.

The other two are four-sided buffers for filing, smoothing, and polishing.

The downside is that this set is not the best for brittle, weak, or thin natural nails.

Tweezerman Neon Hot 4-in-1 File, Smooth & Shine Block

This brand makes useful products like this renewable buffer block. It comes with an extra set of stick-on pads. That’s excellent as it’s less garbage for the landfill.

The four pads include file, buff, smooth, and shine functions. As your buffer block wears out, you can peel off and replace each part.

Furthermore, the neon colors are quite cheerful. It will be hard to lose this buffer block in your bag.

Keiby Citom Nail Files and Buffers

Someone finally realized that buffing curved nails with rectangular blocks is awkward. These nail files are curved ergonomically instead.

The shape of the foam block follows the curve of the nail to make polishing quicker and more efficient.

There are four steps available: shaping, grinding, smoothing, and polishing.

Malva Belle Best Crystal Glass Nail File

We bet you’ve never seen a glass nail file this elegant. It comes with a protective case, too. Choose from light pink, pastel green, and lilac colors.

What’s more, these files aren’t just washable. They are dishwasher-safe. So yes, you could reuse them in the salon as you can sanitize them for sure.

They are made to last hundreds of times longer than a regular emery board. Plus, they come with a lifetime guarantee and the promise of a full refund if you’re not satisfied with their performance.

Winning Nails Chamois Buffer & Buffing Cream

The best nail buffer cream comes in a set with a chamois nail buffer. Besides polishing the nail with the cream, you can use it to soften and push back cuticles for removal.

The chamois is an ultra-gentle abrasive that puts an extreme shine on your natural nails, artificial nails, or extensions. It’s mounted on a handle for convenience.

Fancii Professional Electric Complete Portable Nail Drill System

How about the best electric nail buffer? Here’s one that comes with a UV lamp for curing polish.

It has five attachments that remove calluses and trim cuticles. It also serves as a nail drill and an electric nail file.

The attachments are a standard size common to this type of tool. (They are rotary tool tips). They include a grinder with coarse grit for shaping the nails and a grinder for smoothing the edges. There’s also a felt pad for polishing the surface of the nails to a glossy finish.

The tool is cordless, and it runs on three AAA batteries, so it’s perfect for travel. It comes with an 18-month warranty.


Some say that the best nail buffer is the one you actually use. But it’s vital to incorporate all the essential textures in your tool kit. You’ll need to shape, grind, smooth, and polish.

There are many options available, whether you prefer chunky buffer blocks, dual-sided files, a chamois buffer, or an electric nail file. But for the basic home manicure, a four-sided block is generally ideal.

If you take the time to regularly buff your nails, they will be easier to maintain and polish. You won’t have to deal with ridges and stains the next time you want your nails to look healthy and perfect.


1 by Marta Nagorska, published May 27, 2020, accessed November 23, 2020

2 published June 26, 2014, accessed November 23, 2020

Best Nail Polish Thinner

The 14 Best Nail Polish Thinner Reviews & Guide 2020

Do you have sludgy bottles of polish you want to rescue? Then you need the best nail polish thinner.

A few drops will revive your favorite shades.

No, nail polish remover isn’t the same thing as thinner. The acetone will wreck the polish, and it won’t cure correctly.

You can get thinner for both traditional nail polish and gel polish. Check the reviews below for the one that meets your needs.

Is it worth it to buy nail polish thinner?

Does nail polish thinner really work? Yes, it does, and nail salons buy it by the gallon.

If your nail polish has thickened to glop, you can save it with a few drops of thinner. It extends the lifetime of your favorite polishes for much less than the cost of replacing them.

If you don’t have nail polish thinner on hand, you can try a couple of tricks.

What do you do if your nail polish is too thick?

Nail polish dries out when the solvents in the formula evaporate. Thinner replaces the solvents to make the polish liquid again. But if you don’t have any available, here are two methods to fix polish that has thickened (1).

  • Hold the bottle between the palms of your hands and roll it back and forth for 3 minutes. This mixes the polish without adding bubbles like shaking it would do.
  • Warm the bottle by submerging it in hot water for 3 minutes. Then, turn it slowly upside down and right side up a few times before opening it to test it.

Once you’ve tried mixing the polish and warming it, paint a nail to check the consistency. If it’s still lumpy, you’ll need nail polish thinner.

How to use nail polish thinner

The first step to using nail polish thinner is reading the instructions. You’ll likely see that it recommends putting 2 or 3 drops into the bottle and stirring (without shaking).

Most users will tell you that it frequently takes double that amount to smooth out the nail polish.

We recommend that you take it slow so that you don’t thin out the polish too much. It’s better to waste a few minutes gradually adding more and testing the polish to see how it’s coming along.

If you add too much thinner, leave the lid off the bottle for a while to let the solvent evaporate.

Please don’t try to thin nail polish with acetone, water, or alcohol. You will wreck the polish as it will crack when it dries.

It’s helpful if you know the ingredients of your nail polish so that you can match the proper thinner to it. But most thinner brands contain butyl acetate or ethyl acetate, and those are appropriate for most polishes (2).

How to store polish so that you don’t need to thin it (hopefully)

From here on out, make sure you have your nail polish in a cool, dry, dark place –not the bathroom.

Wipe the neck of the bottle with acetone before closing it.

And close the polish as soon as you are done using it and not after your manicure dries.

How to choose the best nail polish thinner

If you’ve been careful to choose nail polishes without harmful ingredients, thinning them might add the chemicals you have been trying to avoid.

For example, 5-free polishes usually don’t contain toluene. But unfortunately, some nail polish thinners do.

Instead, look for thinners with butyl or ethyl acetate. They will have a strong fruity odor but won’t be as toxic (3).

As we rounded up thinners for the reviews below, we double-checked the ingredients wherever possible.

As you shop, it’s also good to check whether or not the thinner comes with a dropper. It’s much more convenient if it does because you’ll need to measure a tiny amount and squeeze it into the neck of the nail polish bottle.

Lastly, check to see if the thinner is compatible with the type of polish you’re using. Some are suitable for traditional air-drying nail polish and others for gel polish that cures under UV light. Happily, a few are multi-purpose nail polish thinners, too.

Best Nail Polish Thinner in 2020

OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner

It may be from OPI, but this thinner is good for other brands of nail lacquer. It’s based on 2 common solvents used in nail polish: butyl acetate and ethyl acetate.

Start with 2 drops to begin restoring the nail lacquer to usability. After adding the drops, stir the polish or roll the bottle between your hands. Don’t shake it because it will create bubbles.

Test the polish by painting it on a nail. If it’s back to its original consistency, you’re done. If not, keep adding a drop or 2 at a time and mixing it until you’re satisfied.

There’s another use for this nail lacquer thinner besides reviving dried-up polish. You can use it to fix smears on your manicure.

If you haven’t waited long enough for the polish to dry and it smudges, put a drop of thinner on a brush or your fingertip. Smooth it over the surface of the nail to gently remove the smear.

Morgan Taylor Reanimate Lacquer Thinner

Although this nail polish thinner was formulated for this particular brand, it may work with other nail lacquer brands. It should take a maximum of 3 drops to return the polish to the original consistency.

The primary ingredients are ethyl acetate and butyl acetate. But the formula also contains nitrocellulose, isopropyl alcohol, and camphor.

Nitrocellulose is a polymer that works in conjunction with the plasticizer camphor to make the protective finish on the nail. By adding those ingredients back into the bottle, the thinner prevents the polish from weakening too much.

Although camphor is one of the ingredients left out of 5-free polishes, it’s not necessarily a problem for the average person as long as they aren’t allergic. The intense, long-term exposure you get as a nail technician could be problematic, however.

Even though the directions say to shake the bottle after adding the drops, please don’t do that. Turn it upside down and right side up slowly, or roll it between your hands.

Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner

Here’s one of the safest nail polish thinners available. It’s also vegan.

It consists of butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, and heptane. Yes, it’s flammable, but it’s not nearly as toxic as other options.

It’s ideal for reviving nail lacquers that air-dry. But since it doesn’t have a photo-initiator, it doesn’t work as well for gel polishes that need UV light to cure. It may slow down the curing time.

Also, there’s no dropper. But the spout on the lid will allow you to dish out a little bit at a time.

Seche Restore

If you use Seche polishes, you need a bottle of this stuff. It comes with a removable dropper.

Reviewers say that it has saved polishes they’ve had for years, even top coats and ones with those with glitter.

There’s just one small problem, however. It contains toluene. Therefore, if you drop it in a 5-free polish, you’ve just added a toxic ingredient that wasn’t there in the first place. On the other hand, a couple of drops hopefully won’t raise the cancer risk much.

The other primary ingredients are butyl acetate and isopropyl alcohol. It’s flammable, it stinks, but it works very well and won’t alter the polish color.

Nail Tek Extend Professional Polish Thinner

This professional nail polish thinner is said to work with any lacquer, including acrylics and gels. The ingredients include ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, and heptane. As there are no photo-initiators, be careful not to over-thin gel polishes.

It restores the normal thickness of the polish, plus it can clean brushes in a pinch. The product is cruelty-free and used by salon professionals around the country. Moreover, for convenience, it comes with a dropper.

Glam Glits Gel Polish Thinner

If you use gel polish, this is the thinner you need. It’s butyl acetate, safe for thinning gels that cure under UV light. But please keep in mind there is a limit on how many drops you can add and still have the polish cure.

The bottle comes with a pipette dropper.

Orly Polish Thinner

It’s a multi-purpose polish thinner based on pedal acetate and ethyl acetate. It takes about 20 seconds of mixing after adding a few drops to fix the dried out polish.

For even better results, clean the polish brush with it, too. Then the application should be silky smooth like it was when the polish was new.

It comes with a dropper built into the bottle.

Mavala Thinner for Nail Polish

Like many other types of lacquer thinner, this one uses ethyl acetate and butyl acetate to make clumping polish more fluid. It returns it to normal consistency by restoring solvent levels.

The Switzerland-based brand recommends wiping the neck of the lacquer bottle with the thinner to make it easy to open the next time you use it.

TSC Gel Thinner for All Gel Brands

Let’s cross over into new territory. This thinner contains butyl acetate and ethyl acetate, like so many others. But it also has isopropyl alcohol and acetone.

Yes, we know we told you not to use acetone to thin your nail polish. But the finely balanced formula here should revive aging gel polish. Just don’t add too many drops of it to the bottle.

Besides gels, it also works with nail lacquers that air dry.

The bottle has a built-in dropper for precise measurements.

Super Nail Polish Thinner

We’ve heard good things about the Super Nail thinner, but we were a little concerned about the ingredients. It has mineral spirits, isopropyl alcohol, MEK, and acetone.

This is potent stuff that should only be dispensed cautiously in small amounts. Otherwise, it may thin out the polish to where it won’t dry.

But measuring it will be a problem unless you have a dropper available as it doesn’t come with one.

Ethyl Acetate

Why not go straight to the source? Use a few drops of pure ethyl acetate to thin out your nail polish.

It’s not hard to find as it’s sold for a variety of purposes. One less appealing example is that it’s used to kill insects collected for entomology.

If you order it online, it may take a little while to reach you. It can only travel on highways and railways, not in airplanes.

Adecco LLC Nail Polish Bottles

Sometimes nail polish bottles are so gunked-up that they aren’t worth cleaning and saving. Or maybe the brush has just seen better days.

In that case, this set of empty glass polish bottles with brushes may come in handy. They are available in various sizes, including 5, 7, 10, and 15 mL.

OPI Nail Polish Remover Pen

If you do frequent manicures, you’ll find a corrector pen is very useful. It cleans up the excess around the edges of the nail. We find it especially helpful when doing pedicures.

Sure, you could use a Q-tip with acetone, but you run the risk of smudging your polish. This pen is a precision applicator. Furthermore, it won’t dry out your cuticles as acetone will.

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover

It can’t thin your polish, but it will clean up mistakes. This non-acetone nail polish remover will erase even dark-colored polishes.

What’s more, it’s excellent for prepping nails before a manicure. It’s gentle, so it won’t dry out nails and cuticles.

The only thing it can’t do is remove salon gel polish. That’s because it’s based on methyl acetate, isopropyl myristate, and a fragrance to make it smell pleasant.


All is not lost. You can save your favorite nail polish with thinner.

A few drops will bring back the original consistency without altering the color or the finish.

Think of the money you can save by not throwing away all those bottles.

We’d love to hear how your experience with nail polish thinner is going. Visit us again, and feel free to leave a comment below.


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Best Nail Stamper Kits

The 18 Best Nail Stamper Kits Reviews & Guide 2020

Let’s face it. Nail art is fun and addicting.

One of the best introductions to nail decorating is stamping. Anyone can enjoy it.

Get yourself one of the best nail stamper kits and try it for yourself.

It will be hard to go back to plain old nail polish after that.

Frequently asked questions about nail art stamping kits

Here are the questions we often see regarding nail stamping:

Q: Do I need special nail polish for stamping?

A: Yes, you’ll get better results with highly-pigmented nail stamping polish. Regular nail polish is not thick enough or pigmented enough.

Q: What is the best nail stamper?

A: We prefer transparent stampers that allow us to see where we are placing the design. It’s also convenient if it has a soft head when you’re a beginner. Experts at nail stamping may prefer firm stampers because they compress less and produce the clearest imprints.

Q: Which are the best nail stamping plates?

A: The majority of stamping plates are stainless steel. They are sturdy and straightforward to wipe clean. Some stamping plates are plastic, however. In either case, make sure they are clearly etched.

Q: Which is the best nail stamping polish?

A: The best polish for nail stamping will be thicker than typical nail polish so that it doesn’t run. It should be labeled for nail art.

Q: What you need for nail stamping?

A: At a minimum, you need stamping plates with designs, a stamper, a scraper, and stamping polish.

Q: What is a scraper in a nail stamper kit?

A: It’s a tool for removing excess nail polish from the stamping plate. Then, when you roll the stamper on the plate, you’ll pick up just enough polish to imprint the design and not so much that it blurs or bleeds.

Q: Why does my nail stamper not work?

A: If you’re having trouble with a nail stamper, try priming it before you use it. Take a nail file and gently buff the end. Wash it to remove any dust or oil and dry it thoroughly before using it. Don’t use nail polish remover or acetone to clean the stamper as it will cloud the plastic and possibly melt it. Use a sticky lint roller with tape to remove polish from it.

Q: What other tools are in the best nail stamper kits?

A: Some nail stamping starter kits contain peel-off liquid latex. That’s convenient for masking off the skin around the nail. Others may include rhinestones, nail brushes, dotting tools, stickers, and other goodies.

Q: How do you do nail stamping?

A: Prep your nails as you would for any manicure. Put all your tools nearby. Paint peel-off latex around the nails you want to stamp. Then, brush a thin layer of stamping polish onto the plate with the design you’ll be using. Use a scraper to push off excess. Roll the stamper over the polish and press it onto the nails. Cure the polish or let it dry. Apply top coat to finish.

Best Nail Stamper Kits in 2020

PUEEN Nail Art Stamp Collection 24E – LOVE ELEMENTS

Let’s start off with a kit that offers 144 patterns on 24 stamping plates. That’s six unique patterns per plate.

The plates are from stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. Each is covered by a protective .peel-off film. They store in the accompanying storage case.

The only con is that there are no other extras included like stamping polish.

Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Plates Set

For even more designs, check out this set with fifteen stainless steel stamping plates. It offers a total of 250 patterns, from flowers, mandalas, and text messages, to geometric images.

Moreover, the kit comes with a clear stamper, two scrapers, and a carrying case. There’s no polish, however.

If you’re not sure where to begin, they’ve shared a brief instructional video online.

The only complaint we saw here is that the stamper won’t last forever.

Biutee 5pcs Nail Stamping Plates

If you’re beginning to do nail art but on a budget, this kit is a good compromise. It features five stamping plates, a stamper, and a scraper. The exact collection you get will be a surprise as they send random sets.

Reviewers say the plates are deep enough to hold polish and thick enough to avoid bending. They are covered in a blue film to protect them from scratches.

The patterns are large enough to fill an entire nail.

LoveOurHome Nail Art Kit

If you’re going to do nail stamping, why not glam it up with holographic tape and rhinestones? Here’s a kit with three stamping plates, ten rolls of holographic nail striping tape, and two boxes of rhinestones.

Furthermore, it comes with a double-sided dotting pen, a nail stamper, and a scraper. All that’s lacking is the nail stamping polish.

The patterns on the plates include geometric designs, flowers, plants, animals, and more.

VAGA Nail Art Supplies Kit

Take stamping to the next level when you expand your repertoire with these essential nail art supplies. Besides ten nail stamping plates, there are colorful rhinestones, nail brushes, dotting tools, and a gem picker pencil. It’s convenient to have these tools for other crafts, too.

BORN PRETTY Nail Art Stamping Tool Kit

We’ve talked about nail stamping polish several times, and here’s your first look at it. It’s a set that comes with ten vibrant colors of polish, including gold, silver, red, green, laser glitter, and more.

What’s more, it’s possible to use the polish for your nails, not just for stamping.

The kit also comes with eight stainless steel stamping plates with designs ranging from marbling and polka dots to butterflies and cats.

The only things lacking are a stamper and a scraper.

mcwdoit Nail Art Stamping Kit

We’ve also mentioned latex peel-off tape to mask off the skin around your nails. Here’s a kit that comes with this tape for you to try. It makes nail stamping less messy to do (unless you have a latex allergy, of course).

This complete set includes eight gel polishes, four stamping plates, two transparent stampers, and two scrapers. Take note that the polish has a slight odor and has to be cured under an LED lamp.

The stamping plates have geometric patterns, flowers, and holiday designs.

Ejiubas Jelly Clear Nail Stampers

Here’s what you need if you get a kit without stampers. The set has three with soft silicone heads. The heads are just over an inch in diameter to suit most nails.

The squishy heads are convenient for beginners as they are good for picking up polish and transferring it without special techniques.

They also throw in three scrapers with textured surfaces.

If you find that the stamper isn’t behaving as you’d like, wash it with lukewarm water and soap instead of acetone to avoid damaging the silicone. A lint roller can remove excess polish.

Ejiubas Nail Stamping Kit

This stamper kit doesn’t waste an inch of space. The stainless steel plates have etchings on both sides in a wide variety of themes.

Then, the clear silicone stamper has a soft head that picks up polish quickly and fits most nails. If you’re concerned about technique, the brand has tutorial videos online.

Makartt Stamping Plates Kit

This little kit has it all: five stamping polishes, one nail stamper, a scraper, and ten stamping plates. Each plate offers up to twenty different patterns.

It’s from a recognized brand in the nail industry. We wouldn’t be surprised if your local salon uses products from their lineup.

AIMEILI Nail Art Stamping Templates Kit

It only lacks polish. This set has five stamping plates, two stampers, two scrapers, and a bottle of liquid latex tape.

What’s unique about the stampers is that one is soft and one is hard. That way, you can experiment with techniques.

Plus, it’s convenient to have the latex tape because some of the designs are too big for small nails. Hint: brush on a little cuticle oil before applying the latex, and it will peel off easier.

BeautyLeader 10 Pcs Nail Stamping Plates + 1 Stamper + 1 Scraper

Reviewers love the stamping plates here because they are deeply-etched. As long as you pay attention to how much polish you’re using and how you roll the stamper, the design should turn out perfect every time.

The downside is if you have large hands, this stamper is going to feel a little small.

BEAUTYBIGBANG 4Pcs Nail Stamping Plates

If you love plaid and geometric designs, this is the stamper kit for you. The plates forgo flowers and animals in favor of Southwestern patterns, swirls, and stripes.

All the plates are stainless steel and come covered with a blue protective film.

Cool Maker, Go Glam Nail Stamper Studio

This new stamper kit is for kids, but we won’t tell anyone if you enjoy it, too. It’s ready to use as soon as you open the box and includes instructions.

There are two bottles of water-based non-toxic nail polishes, one bottle of top coat, one stamper, and five pattern pods. But what are “pattern pods”?

It’ll help you understand if you look at the pictures. Basically, this is an automatic machine stamper. The kid selects the stamp they want and inserts it into the base. The ink colors are already built into the stamp, so there’s no need to paint the polish on plates.

Next, insert a finger and press the button to stamp the nail. It’s that easy.

The only colors that come with it are blue and purple. But the amount of polish included is good for about 125 nails.

Winstonia Nail Art Stamper Jumbo Size

If you’re serious about nail stamping, this is the tool worth having. When they say jumbo size, they are referring to the head’s diameter as it’s large enough for wide and long nails, like extensions. The measurement is 1.58 inches wide.

They describe it as a “marshmallow pad” because it’s tacky enough to pick up the tiniest details of the faintest etching on the stamper plate. Plus, it’s soft enough to roll to the edge of the most curved nail.

This is a pro tool that will take some practice to get used to using. It comes with two scraper cards but no plates.

You can extend its lifetime by not priming it by buffing it and not cleaning it with acetone. Use a lint roller or scotch tape to remove leftover polish.

You might also be interested in the firm stamper from the same company. Moreover, they make a dark-colored version to contrast with light-colored stamping polish.

Makartt 4pcs Clear Nail Stampers

If you only have one nail stamper, you have to clean it every time you switch colors. But if you have a set of stampers like this one, you’ll have four replaceable heads and four scrapers.

The soft silicone heads are easy to clean with tape or lint rollers. In extreme circumstances, you could try a little alcohol on a cotton pad, but never acetone.

PUEEN  HD Chunky Transparent Soft Stamper and Scraper Set

This transparent stamper provides a clear view, so there’s no mistake where you’re going to place the stamp. Instead of a big chunky handle, it’s compact in size.

It needs no priming or preparation – it’s ready to use right out of the package.

The package includes a transparent scraping card.

Konad Nail Art Double-Ended Stamper & Scraper

The advantages of this stamper include different colors and different sizes. One end is small for children’s nails or little fingers and toes. The other is larger for wide nails or ones with extensions.

The different colors provide contrast for various shades of polish.

But those aren’t the only benefits. This nail art tool is made by one of the original companies that started the stamping craze. It’s made of rubber, not silicone, and it has a firm texture. Therefore, it’s long-lasting and unlikely to cause smudging. On the other hand, you’ll want to practice with it as it’s a little harder to use than a soft silicone stamper.


Nail art is fun and easy for everyone with a stamper kit. Using patterns from stamping plates is an inexpensive way to liven up your manicures.

We hope you have good times ahead as you play with your new nail tool kits. Stop by again soon and let us know how it’s going.

Best Acrylic Nail Powder

The 19 Best Acrylic Nail Powder Reviews & Guide 2020

Are you looking for the powder needed for acrylic nails? Then you’re in the right place.

We’ve reviewed the best acrylic nail powders below. These include professional acrylic powder used by nail technicians in salons. Plus, there are also acrylic nail kits for doing your own manicures at home.

Before we begin, here’s some background information on acrylic powder.

The differences between acrylic nails, dip powder, and gels

One of the advantages of acrylic nail powder is that it doesn’t require UV light to cure as a gel polish does. It will however, require a liquid monomer to harden it (1).

Gel polish is painted on the nails, and each coat is cured under a lamp. Meanwhile, dip powder nails also need various coats of liquid, but they air dry. And instead of mixing the liquid and the powder together, you’ll paint the nail, then dip it in the powder.

Acrylic nails, however, require that you mix the powder and the liquid together before brushing it onto the nail. The liquid activates the powder so that it hardens while sticking to the nail.

Acrylics are convenient because they are easier to soak off with acetone and don’t need excessive filing for removal. Moreover, you can fill them as the nails grow. This means adding more acrylic powder and liquid monomer mixture in the gap near the cuticle.

Is it okay to mix different acrylic nail powder systems?

If you stay within the same system, you’re likely to end up with better results. If you use one brand of acrylic powder, mix it with the same brand of monomer. They are formulated to work properly with one another (2).

How to do a backfill on a French manicure

As with any other manicure, you’ll need to push the cuticle back and remove the shine of the natural nail by buffing it.

Also, take the shine off the acrylic manicure and file it to the desired length. Remember to shape the free edge and sides.

It will help the acrylic bond if you apply dehydrator and primer to the whole nail.

Now, place a bead of the pink acrylic to the exposed natural nail and create a new smile line. Let it cure, then shape it.

Then, apply white acrylic on the free edge, let it dry, and shape it. Bevel the acrylic by the cuticle so that it’s flush.

Use a hand file to perfect the shape, buff everything, and remove the dust. You can then apply top coat.

Expert tips for the perfect acrylic manicure

It’s never a good idea to apply acrylics on weak or damaged nails. If the artificial nail snags, it could tear off the natural nail. But if the nails are healthy, acrylics are very durable and long-lasting, especially because they can be filled.

Just like with any type of manicure, you’ll need to prepare the natural nails adequately. They need to be clean, dry, and oil-free. All the dust needs to be removed. If there’s any moisture, debris, or oil, the manicure will lift and peel. It’s also crucial to push back the cuticle (3).

Practice adjusting the forms to get the ideal shape. After you attach the form to the finger, check it from all angles to make sure it’s snug. If you get the C-curve right, you’ll strengthen the nails against damage. Keep checking it because as you add more acrylic, it will soften what’s already there and relax the curve.

Although most brands recommend two parts liquid monomer to one part powder, be sure to read the instructions. As a test, pick up a bead on the tip of your brush. Within a few seconds, it should turn into a shiny orb that maintains its shape. Experiment with colored and glittery acrylic powders as they will have a different texture.

When it’s time to file, start with 100 grit to remove excess acrylic. Then, shape with 150 grit and smooth the nail with 180 grit. Final touches are effortless with a buffing block or 220 grit.

Best Acrylic Nail Powder in 2020

Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail System Clear Acrylic Powder

Mia Secret offers small, medium, and large containers of acrylic powder. Besides clear, they have various other colors, some of which are available in sets like the one below.

Be sure to get enough liquid monomer to accompany the powder. You’ll be mixing it like this: two parts liquid to one part powder.

Beginners appreciate this brand because the acrylic mixture is easy to work with. It doesn’t set super fast, so there’s time to adjust what you’ve sculpted.

Reviewers also like how the powder is finely textured and consistent in color.

Also, the clear powder is formulated to maintain its transparency without yellowing. It also self-levels – which means that it “melts” into place for a smooth finish.

Mia Secret Fruity Collection Nail Acrylic Powder Set of 12

If you’re eager to dive into acrylics, you can’t go wrong with this inexpensive set with a dozen colors. The vibrant shades include classics like red apple, lemon, orange, and coffee.

Users say that they go on smooth. Depending on how wet the beads are, the color may look a little milky.

Although they are small containers, there’s plenty to play with, especially if you want to do ombre nails.

Young Nails Acrylic Powders

For professional results, get the liquid monomer from the same brand to blend with this acrylic powder. The powder is available in 19 different styles and four sizes of container.

The powder gets high marks for consistent texture and excellent adhesion. It self-levels and sets quickly.

Users comment that it’s easy to pick up, place, and distribute. It’s also straightforward to shape.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have a strong odor.

Please note that if you can’t find the monomer, reviewers have said they’ve had success pairing it with Mia Secret.

Beetles Professional Acrylic Nail Powder

Beetles has a wide variety of excessively-priced nail products for home users. Their acrylic powder comes in several bright colors for nail art. It doesn’t bubble or yellow, plus it lasts for weeks without chipping.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with any acrylic liquid or monomer from any brand.

Kiss Acrylic Powder Clear

Sculpt tips and fill your manicure with this transparent acrylic powder. You can also do overlays with it.

If applied correctly, it shouldn’t crack, bubble, lift, or yellow. Within moments, it self-levels to smooth ridges.

Kiss Acrylic Nail Fill Kit

If you’re curious about acrylics but hesitant to invest in a full set of tools and powders, try this miniature kit. It has all the basics.

Besides acrylic liquid and clear powder, it comes with a brush and nail file. There’s enough there for a couple of complete manicures or several fills.

Karlash Professional Acrylic Powder Crystal Clear

Experienced users who’ve tried a variety of brands recommend this powder for beginners.

One of its advantages is that it’s compatible with all acrylic liquid systems. What’s more, you don’t need a primer to bond it to the nail plate.

It features UV stabilizers to keep it transparent and prevent it from getting dull or yellowing. It shouldn’t bubble, either. It self-levels and sets to a glossy, smooth finish.

Modelones Clear Nail Acrylic Powder

Sculpt your nails or use this powder to create a nail overlay to protect the natural nail while it grows. It’s handy to have clear acrylic powder for rhinestones and nail art. Then, manicures done with it can last as long as three weeks.

If you choose to use it with different brands of acrylic liquid, test it before applying it. It may react differently with other monomers. But regardless of the liquid, it should self-level and dry within one to two minutes.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Modelones Acrylic Powder Nail Kit: French Manicure 4 Colors

Yes, you can do a French manicure with acrylic powder. This set has all the colors you need, including clear, nude, pink, and white.

Obviously, there’s no need for a nail lamp as the acrylics will dry within a couple of minutes. Then, the durable manicure can last up to three weeks. Plus, this kit is handy for backfills.

Glam And Glits Acrylic Powder

Here’s a brand of acrylic powder that offers glitter, shimmer, and vibrant colors. Reviewers say it “lays like butter” because it has a finely-milled consistency.

Adding a second coat will enhance the color.

Supernail Nail Powder

This transparent acrylic powder blends well with glitter mixes. It features high-tech polymers and consistent particle sizes for salon-quality performance. The powder is very fine in texture.

When mixed with the liquid monomer, it won’t crystallize, bubble, or yellow. It adheres with super strength and provides a long-lasting, durable finish.

Vafee Professional Clear Acrylic Nail Kit

Here’s a brand that makes no secret of the fact that their acrylic powder has a strong odor. But they are MMA-free to protect natural nails.

Although this is clear powder, you can mix it with any color from their lineup. Feel free to make custom shades. You can also alter the amount of acrylic liquid to change how fast it sets.

All the powders have UV stabilizers to keep them from becoming dull or yellowing.

Saviland Acrylic Powder Set – Glow in the Dark

How can you resist glow-in-the-dark acrylic powder? The set has ten luminous colors that look fluorescent during the day. At night, charge them up under a lamp to make them shine in the darkness.

What’s interesting is that you can mix this acrylic powder with dip powder. It’s non-toxic and self-leveling, non-yellowing, and bubble-free.

Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit

This French manicure kit comes with white, clear, and pink acrylic powder. You’ll need acrylic liquid, a glass for mixing, and a brush for application.

The manufacturer provides a replacement or refund service.

BORN PRETTY Nail Acrylic Powder Set

This is another pink, white, and clear powder set at a budget price. They offer suggestions for using it beyond a French manicure.

For example, it’s useful for making protective overlays that look like a natural nail. Also, it’s handy for 3D nail art, mixing with glitter, and overlays with opal or rhinestones.

Cooserry Acrylic Powder Nail Kit

This fun set contains nearly everything you need to get started with acrylics except for the liquid. There are a dozen pastel shades of powder, a nail brush, powder brush, and manicure tools. Moreover, it comes with instructions.

As a bonus, the powder is low-odor and doesn’t require a nail lamp to cure. After it’s mixed with the liquid and applied, it dries in two minutes or less in regular room air.

Reazeal Acrylic Powder and Monomer Liquid Kit

This is a true starter kit as it has powder and liquid. They are specially formulated to work perfectly with each other. Please note the powders are also compatible with all acrylic liquid systems in case you run out of monomer in the middle of a project.

Like most acrylic powders, it self-levels, which makes it handy for doing overlays. It perfects the surface of the natural nail. It’s also designed to remain transparent without yellowing or looking dull.

You won’t need a primer to help it adhere to the nail. But be prepared for the strong odor.

Latorice Nail Acrylic Powder and Liquid Set

The advantage of the set is that it includes the liquid, the powders, an application brush, a nail file, and molds for shaping the acrylic.

There are only three colors, however: clear, pink, and white. But you can mix them with other powders from the same brand.

Mia Secret Mia Secret Liquid Monomer

This 8-ounce bottle of liquid monomer will last for many manicures. It comes in a violet shade that reinforces the non-yellowing property of the transparent acrylic powder. But don’t worry, it’s a match for all the colors and won’t alter them.

The liquid acrylic is compatible with other brands of powder but is guaranteed to work with Mia Secret powders.


Since there is a rainbow of acrylic powders available, the only limit is your imagination. Use them for nail art, extensions, overlays, and durable manicures.

If these reviews helped you find your new favorite nail products, please come back and tell us about them. We’d love to hear what you’re learning.


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Best Overlay for Natural Nails

The 17 Best Overlay for Natural Nails Reviews & Guide 2020

If your nails are ridged or fragile, a nail overlay can make them look flawless.

What can an overlay do for you? It smooths the nail plate and reinforces it, plus it extends the lifetime of your manicure. It strengthens the nail while it grows out and keeps nail biters from wrecking their fingers.

Conversely, an overlay doesn’t lengthen natural nails – it’s not an extension or tip. However, it will make the nails appear thicker.

But which is the best overlay for natural nails?

What is a natural nail overlay?

It was a dentist that invented nail overlays. He broke a nail and fixed it with dental material. Soon afterward, he patented the first artificial nails in the 1950s (1).

Nowadays, an overlay consists of gel or acrylic applied to the natural nail and shaped to perfection. Since it reinforces the natural nail and doesn’t extend the length, it’s unlikely to cause damage.

Hard gel overlays are the exception as they need to be filed off to be removed. It’s best to have an experienced nail tech do them.

But poly gels and acrylics are easy to do at home with a little practice. You brush on the gel using a form to shape it, then cure it and buff it.

How to prepare nails for applying an overlay

Before you begin, round up your manicure tools. Set the timer on your nail lamp if you’ll be curing gels.

Now, cleanse the nails with alcohol to get off all the oil and dust. Use a cuticle stick to gently push back the cuticles.

Lightly buff the nail plate and remove the dust again with alcohol or nail dehydrator. It’s crucial to remove all the oil so that the overlay adheres properly.

Now apply the product of your choice and dry it accordingly.

Once complete, gels last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks and acrylics from 3 to 4 weeks.

When it’s time to remove the overlay, check the directions of the product you’re using. Chances are that lightly buffing and soaking in acetone will be enough to soften and scrape off the product.

Best Overlay for Natural Nails

Now, let’s look at the different kinds of overlays for natural nails. These include poly gel, hard gel, and dip powder.

Orly Gel Fx Body Guard Soak-off Gel Overlay

Orly’s soak-off gel overlay protects natural nails while they grow back. Unlike some overlay products, it actually helps promote healthy growth.

The formula includes pro-vitamin B5 with vitamins A and E to reinforce the structure of the natural nail. Wear it underneath a regular gel manicure (i.e., base coat, polish, and top coat).

It comes with a convenient brush for precision application.

Orly GelFX Builder in a Bottle

This builder gel is a snap to use if you also have Orly’s Fast Forms for shaping the overlay. (See below). They create the ideal curve with no need for sculpting. Moreover, they come in 12 sizes.

The gel’s viscosity ensures that it levels itself to smooth the nail surface without the need for filling. Yet, this isn’t a hard gel – it’s flexible and crystal clear.

You’ll need a nail lamp to cure it for 30 seconds between coats. It’s also best to cleanse the top and under the free edge with alcohol to remove the stickiness. Finally, apply the top coat and cure again.


Choose from one of 12 sizes to shape your overlays and also extend your natural nails. There are enough for 10 manicures of each size in this box.

Ahier Nail Forms

These adjustable cardboard forms fit every finger and let you choose the shape of every nail. They are disposable yet are reasonably stiff and have a waterproof layer.

Use them to sculpt extensions, too. They can help with stiletto, coffin, squoval, and many other shapes.

NYK1 Nail Force Power Nail Builder Gel

Here’s a sculpting poly gel that evens out ridges and thickens thin natural nails. It’s strong enough to build extensions if you use a form to shape it. It will stay easy to mold until you cure it with a nail lamp.

Although it’s a builder gel, you can soak it off without drilling or filing. It also comes with its own application brush.

There’s no odor, and it won’t lump or peel when properly applied.

For best results, use it with the same brand’s base and top coats.

Makartt Nail Extension Gel Natural Pink Builder Gel

Did you know you could get builder gel in different colors? This one is pink, but you can also choose white, cocoa, and other shades. It’s suitable for overlays and building extensions.

It’s so durable that it can last for a month. Plus, you can refill every couple of weeks as your nails grow.

There’s no strong chemical odor, but it is relatively thick to make it easier to shape. Once you cure it, it’s straightforward to buff and apply top coat for a perfect finish.

Purchase slip solution separately to keep the gel from sticking to the brush.

Makartt Poly Nail Extension Gel Slip Solution Kit

Speaking of slip solution, it’s also known as nail surface cleanser. It keeps the builder gel from adhering to the brush or spatula so that you can sculpt it without smudging it.

The kit includes two bottles of slip solution, lint-free cotton pads, glass cups, and a gel nail brush to get you started.

Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit

This kit features 6 poly gels, including a temperature-changing one. Others are white, milky pink, and neutral shades. The attractive colors mean you can get away without colored polish.

You’ll also find a brush/spatula tool, dual forms, glitter, slip solution, and a nail file in the box. You’ll need a nail lamp to cure the gel. Then, your manicure can last two weeks or longer, especially if you refill as your nails grow.

Gelish Structure Gel Clear

Once you apply base coat, put on this self-leveling structure gel. It works well when applied in thin layers. That way, you can gradually build the nail’s apex in the middle without using a form.

It’s not a hard gel; therefore it’s not good for extensions. But it will protect the natural nail as a gross. Furthermore, it won’t require any additional brushes as it comes with its own in the bottle.

ibd LED/UV Builder Gel

This builder gel is beloved of nail techs and home users alike. It lasts for weeks and prevents chipping and peeling.

It cures rapidly under LED light, so you don’t need a regular UV lamp for it. Plus, it’s just thick enough to sculpture nails without wasting time.

It’s easy enough for beginners to use, but you’ll need to bring your own brush to apply it. Finish it with a top coat.

In.Hype Sculpting Camouflage UV Builder Gel – Milky Pink

Although the builder gel here is milky pink in color, you can also get it in white and hot pink, among other colors. But milky pink is suitable for all skin tones as it’s a universal shade.

The sculpting gel is medium-thick, which makes it useful for shaping overlays and building extensions. It will take one and a half to two minutes to cure under UV light. (You also need to apply base coat before using it).

A major selling point is that it’s 10-free. It doesn’t contain 10 toxins common to nail products, including parabens, fragrances, camphor, xylene, DBP, formaldehyde, toluene, or phthalates.

It’s excellent for strengthening your nail plate while your natural nail grows.

CACEE Glossy UV Thick Builder Clear Gel For Nails, Hard Gel Overlay

If you prefer a hard gel overlay that you can’t soak off, here’s one that’s thick and transparent. When used properly, it doesn’t bubble and won’t yellow.

There’s not much odor, but you will need UV light to cure it. It’s highly resistant to solvents and very durable. You can use it for extensions, not just overlays. It sets to a high gloss finish.

Beetles Gel Nail Brushes

You’ll find that extra brushes come in handy if you plan to make a habit of doing overlays. This set comes with 7 brushes with different tip shapes and sizes.

The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t love them.

Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

This kit proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do nail overlays at home. It includes practically everything you need, including an LED nail lamp (but no slip solution).

There are pinks, nudes, and bright white gels, and all of them are 9-free and low-odor. Then, there’s a base coat and top coat, plus a dual form pen and nail molds.

The mini lamp folds up for storage. It’s not very powerful, but it will get the job done even if it takes a little longer. The manufacturer suggests curing the builder gel for two to three minutes.

MIA SECRET Liquid Monomer Clear Acrylic Powder Nail Art System

This set includes acrylic powder and liquid monomer. In other words, it’s for a dip powder overlay. And this is one of the most accessible options for beginners to use.

You’ll need an application brush and a container to pour the powder into for dipping. If you’re new to dip powder, you’ll find that it’s not hard to apply. It allows you to build acrylic nails rapidly. You don’t have to sculpt with the brush at all.

The liquid dries on contact with the air, but not so fast that you don’t have time to work with it. It also self-levels.

What’s more, the transparent powder won’t yellow, especially with the help of the violet-colored liquid. Neither has a strong odor, and you won’t need a lamp to cure them. The manicure should last for about three weeks.

However, you will need to apply top coat. But when it’s time to remove the manicure, it soaks off with acetone.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day refund or exchange guarantee.

SNS Healthy Natural Nails – Natural Set Sheer

SNS is a top brand of dip powder nails. Use the sheer powder to overlay a French manicure and enjoy glossy, strong nails.

The transparent finish reveals the healthy color of your own nail beds. But to apply it, you’ll need the liquids listed below.

This product is made in the USA and cruelty-free. The chemicals are organically-processed for healthier results. Plus, they are infused with vitamins to strengthen the nails. Thankfully, the powder has no odor of its own.

SNS Gel Liquids (set of 4) Gel Base, Gel Top, Sealer Dry, EA Bond

To do a dip powder overlay, prepare the nails as you would for any other type of manicure. After that, brush on the bond coat and let it air dry for a few seconds.

Next, brush base coat on the bottom 75% of the nail. It contains calcium and vitamin D to encourage thicker nails. Dip the nail into the powder and tap off the excess. Apply the base coat again to 80% of the nail and dip it again into the powder. Finally, cover almost all of the nail with base coat, and dip it a third time.

The liquids interact with the powder to harden the finish with exposure to the air. You don’t need a UV lamp. But you could use a nail dryer to speed up the process.

Now, brush on the Sealer Dry and wipe the nails with a paper towel. Finish up by applying two thin coats of top coat.


If you want the best overlay for your natural nails, and you have a UV or LED lamp already, try poly gel that you can soak off. It’s self-levels and gives you time to sculpt it because it will harden until you cure it under the light.

If you have experience using a nail drill and filing, you might try a hard gel. It’s not for beginners, however.

Otherwise, dip powder offers a quick-drying, low-odor method to reinforce natural nails.

If you found your new favorite method today for doing nail overlays, drop us a comment below about your experience.


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Best Nail Polish Dryer

The 13 Best Nail Polish Dryer Reviews & Guide 2020

How do you dry nail polish quickly?

The answer to that question depends on what kind of nail polish it is.

Is it gel or shellac polish that needs UV light to cure? Or does it air-dry like regular polish, acrylic, or dip powder?

The best nail polish dryer is what will work on the type of manicure you’re doing.

How to choose the best nail polish dryer

Let’s discuss the different types of nail polish and how to dry them properly.

Basic nail polish

First, there’s the basic polish that smells of solvent and dries with exposure to the air. The problem is that multiple coats of regular nail polish take an hour or two to completely cure without assistance. (1) The brands without formaldehyde take even longer. If you don’t wait long enough, you run the risk of smudges and dings.

How can you dry basic nail polish quickly? The top solution is a nail polish dryer fan. This can finish the process in only 5 to 15 minutes, saving you a lot of time.

There are other methods that are not recommended unless you’re willing to sacrifice your manicure if you make a mistake using them. For example, you might immerse your nails in a bowl of icy cold water for a few minutes. This may harden the finish if the nails are mostly dry already, so it doesn’t save much time.

Another option is to use a hairdryer on the cool setting. Remember to only paint one hand at a time as you need the other to hold the dryer. If you use the hot setting, you’ll bubble the polish. It’s much more convenient to invest in an inexpensive nail dryer that allows you to take care of both hands at once.

Finally, you can speed up the process with drying drops or spray-on nail dryer. We’ll cover those in the reviews below.


Like basic nail polish, acrylic dries with exposure to air. It’s ideal for nail extensions as it forms a hard protective layer. This type of manicure is quicker and easier to do with a nail dryer fan.

Dip powder

Like acrylics, a dip powder manicure dries naturally in the air. There’s no need for UV light to cure it. Use a nail dryer fan to accelerate the drying process.


There’s a difference between hard gel and shellac (below) because of the way they are removed. But as for drying, both require UV light. You’ll need a nail lamp with either UV or LED bulbs.

(In case you’re wondering, gel manicures need to be filed off, which is why it’s better to go to a salon and have it done professionally).


Shellac manicures dry under UV light. Sometimes shellac gets confused with gel, but it’s not hard to tell them apart if you see the words “soak-off.” If you can soak it off with acetone, it’s probably shellac.

Choosing the best UV light to dry gel or shellac polish

When we say UV light, you have two choices: an actual UV light or an LED lamp. Nowadays, it’s much more common to find LED nail lamps. The bulbs last for years without the need for replacement. Plus, they consume less electricity. They also cure polish twice as fast (as long as the brand is compatible).

When you shop for a UV light, look at the following features:

  • Wattage – anything with 48 W and above is good enough for a salon and will dry your nails quickly
  • Size – can you dry two hands or feet at once?
  • Removable tray – it protects your tabletop
  • Timer – are the settings adequate for the type of polish you’ll be using?
  • Sensor – will the UV light turn on and off automatically?

It’s possible to get a salon-quality UV nail lamp for less than the cost of a manicure.

Best Nail Polish Dryer in 2o2o

Now, let’s get to the reviews of the best nail polish dryers.

Demert Nail Enamel Dryer

This nail polish dryer spray sets regular nail polish in record time. It prevents smears and damage that occur when the polish hasn’t adequately cured. It also makes the finish shinier while it conditions the nails and cuticles.

It interacts with the solvents in the polish to make them evaporate quicker. Then, vitamin E, panthenol, and olive oil seal in moisture and promote healthy nails.

Once you’re done painting, apply the spray and wait a couple of minutes until everything is completely dry.

The only downside is the pungent odor. Therefore it’s smart to use it in a well-ventilated space.

OPI Nail Polish Fast Drying Drops

Dry nail lacquer faster with this transparent liquid. Use the eyedropper to place a drop by your cuticle. Let the liquid spread naturally downward to cover the nail.

It will set regular nail polish in sixty seconds.

Moreover, it has vitamin E and jojoba to nourish dry cuticles.

OPI RapiDry Nail Polish Dryer, Fast Drying Top Coat Spray

If you’ve already used the fast-drying drops, why would you want this spray? Well, it does more than dry your manicure in sixty seconds. It also restores the shine of the polish during the week. Think of it as extra protection or an extra top coat. If you opt for the spray, you won’t need the drops.

QTICA 1/2 -Time Polish Drying Accelerator

In a hurry to dry your nails? This is a solution for busy people who hate sitting still. It prevents dents, streaks, and smudges even if you have multiple layers of polish.

Apply a drop or two and tilt your nails downward to let it spread. It will hydrate the cuticle while it dries the polish in half the time. Multiple coats will cure within 5 to 7 minutes.

Nail Tek 10-Speed, Polish Drying Drops

If you prefer nail lacquer without harsh chemicals, you’ll appreciate these drying drops. They were voted as the “best natural nail treatment” as they are free of toxins like parabens, DBP, and toluene.

Within seven minutes or less, the drops will dry and condition the nails. The formula contains silicone, which speeds up the evaporation of the solvent in the polish. Thankfully, it never makes the nails feel greasy.

Wait one minute after painting your nails, then apply the solution with the handy dropper.

Makartt Air Nail Dryer for Both Hands and Feet 400W

The best nail polish dryer fan has space to fit both hands and feet at once. It’s powerful enough for professionals, yet perfect for home manicures, too. It’s appropriate for drying nail lacquer, dip powder, primer, nail dehydrate, and bond prep that doesn’t require curing under UV light.

It has automatic sensors that turn it on, so you don’t need to smudge polish to press a button. You can select either cool or warm air for your comfort. Don’t worry because the warm setting isn’t hot enough to cause the polish to bubble. Both settings significantly speed up dry time.

There are anti-slip pads underneath it to keep it steady. Plus, the 400W motor’s well-ventilated to keep it from overheating. It has CE approval for safety and is covered by a warranty.

ThermaDry 140 Manicure & Pedicure Nail Dryer

This professional nail dryer features optical sensors to switch on when hands and feet are inserted. It has two powerful fans with heating coils, allowing you to choose between cool or warm air. You can dry both hands or feet at once with it.

Users say it takes a moment to heat up the air, but there’s plenty of room inside. The strong airflow dries nails quickly.

MelodySusie Portable Kids Nail Dryer

They call it a “kids’ nail dryer,” but adults love it because it’s portable. This compact fan runs on two AA batteries, making it convenient for travel. You can only do four fingernails at once, but it speeds up the drying time by half. Insert the fingers and rest them on the pressure-sensitive baseplate to turn it on.

LKE Curing Lamp, LED 40W

Now, let’s look at UV lamps for curing gel and shellac. Here’s the best nail lamp when you’re on a budget. It offers an impressive array of features packaged in a sleek form factor.

First, it has Smart Touch technology, a sensor that turns the light on when a hand is inserted and off when it’s removed. The tray pulls out for cleaning.

At 40W with twenty-one embedded LEDs, it’s almost powerful enough for a salon. It has a convenient digital display showing you the countdown to the end of the timer. The timer settings are thirty, sixty, and ninety-nine seconds long.

As this is an LED lamp, the bulbs are good for fifty thousand hours of service. Should you have any issues, the manufacturer offers a twelve-month warranty with twenty-four-hour online service.

Magic UV Nail Polish Dryer Lamp

This lamp can dry polish on a single hand or foot at a time. It has a sensor to turn it off and on, plus three timer settings and a digital display. The timer memory allows you to repeat the same setting without having to select it again.

The interior temperature gauge keeps it from getting too hot inside. If the regular setting is too warm for you, you can select the low heat mode. It will take a little longer to dry the nails.

There are thirty-six LEDs embedded in the interior to ensure full coverage and thorough curing of each nail. It’s suitable for drying all types of gel polish, builder gel, sculpture gel, gem glue, and so on.

The bottom plate is held on by magnets. It’s straightforward to remove and clean.

SUNUV 48W UV LED Light Lamp Nail Dryer

The best gel nail dryer is used in salons worldwide as well as thousands of home users. This professional-quality UV lamp has thirty-six LEDs with an anticipated lifetime of fifty thousand hours. It cures gel polish in as little as ten seconds.

Choose from ten, thirty, sixty, or ninety-nine-second timers. The first is double power for extra-quick curing. The latter is the low-heat mode. The automatic sensor will turn the light on once a hand or foot is inside.

You could technically place both hands or feet inside at once as it’s just barely big enough.

The manufacturer offers a twelve-month warranty plus customer service.

MelodySusie UV LED Nail Lamp 48W

This brand offers a lifetime guarantee on their nail polish dryer lamp. It’s a California company that’s been in the nail business for a decade.

The lamp has twenty-four LEDs studied around the interior. These are LG chips, a brand known for high-performance LEDs with long lifespans.

The interior can cure one hand or one foot at a time in as little as fifteen seconds. Other timer settings include thirty, sixty, and ninety-second low-heat mode.

The sensor turns light on and off, so you don’t have to press any buttons. Then, the display shows the countdown until the curing is complete.

You can have confidence in this product as the manufacturer was nominated for Red Dot Design Awards twice.

Canvalite Professional LED Nail Lamp for Gel Polish, 80W

If you do many manicures, this professional nail lamp will help you cure them in record time. It’s twice as fast as other models. If you don’t need the extra power, you can switch to 54W to consume less electricity.

As the manufacturer points out, the forty-two LEDs provide better coverage than lamps with fewer bulbs. Furthermore, the opening is large enough to do both feet or both hands at the same time.

The motion sensor turns on the light. All you have to do is select the timer setting from 10 to 99 seconds. The display shows the countdown.

Even at the highest setting, the nail dryer doesn’t overheat or feel too hot as it’s well-ventilated.


Don’t waste time trying to dry your nails by waving your hands in front of the fan. Don’t smudge them or bubble the polish with a hairdryer.

Streamline your manicure with a nail polish dryer. After all the work you did to make your nails pretty, you deserve the right tool to finish the job.


1. by Anne Marie Helmenstine, published December 7, 2019, accessed November 16, 2020

Best Gel Top Coat

The 17 Best Gel Top Coat Reviews & Guide 2020

Which is the best gel top coat?

To discover the answer, we’ll have to talk about the best gel polish brands. That’s because you’ll typically get better performance if you use the same brand for each layer of the manicure.

There are a few exceptions, however. You might find that the top coat that salons use is different from the gel color and base coat. For example, some nail techs prefer no-wipe gel top coat.

But there is a risk of mixing brands and ending up with the polish peeling or chipping prematurely. If you’re not sure which gel top coat to choose, go with the brand of polish you prefer.

Keep in mind that certain brands of gel top coats are perfect for nail art or chrome manicures. They add that extra gloss to show off the metallic sheen and holographic illusion.

Of course, you probably know that a gel top coat is suitable for gel manicures only. It won’t dry properly over regular nail polish. Top coat is a must-have to seal gel manicures and ensure their durability for two weeks or longer.

If you’re new to doing gel manicures, here are expert tips for flawless results.

Pro tips for a perfect gel manicure

If you’re doing your own nails, think about your lifestyle before you purchase gel polish. Gels are ideal for natural nails. A gel manicure typically lasts about two weeks, depending on wear. If you are hard on your hands or end up picking off the polish, you might do better with a dip powder manicure.

Next, it’s smart to stick to a single brand to avoid undesirable results. Mixing systems could result in improper adhesion and curing.

When you sit down to do the manicure, make sure you have all the tools you need nearby. Give yourself enough time to complete the task, from preparing the nails to curing the polish.

Concentrate on one hand at a time. Leave the oils and lotion until the very end after both hands are complete.

If you work with your hands, apply bonder, then base coat. Remember to seal the tips and edges. This helps the manicure withstand heavy use.

Before you begin, shake the nail polish by twirling it upside down between your hands. Flip it over and twist the brush inside the bottle.

Thin layers are better than thick layers. You can always put on a second coat after the first has cured. Light coats prevent peeling.

Gels are convenient for nail art as you can wipe away mistakes as long as the polish hasn’t cured. Be sure to apply base coat to prevent staining from dark-colored polishes.

When it’s time to remove the manicure, gel polish remover tends to work faster than acetone as it doesn’t evaporate as quickly. The remover works faster if it’s heated, which is why many nail techs cover the hands with a warm, damp cloth.

Best Gel Top Coat in 2020

Now, let’s review the best gel top coats.

DND #600 – No-Cleanse Gel Top Coat

If a top coat is described as “no-wipe,” it’s the same as “no-cleanse.” It means you don’t have to use alcohol to wipe the polish after it’s cured. It shouldn’t be sticky.

DND’s salon-quality gel topcoat is made to demanding professional standards. It’s thick, glossy, and durable. It won’t smear nail art when you apply it. It’s excellent for chrome manicures.

Plus, it withstands two weeks or more of normal wear without chipping or lifting.

Beetles No-Wipe Gel Top Coat and Base Coat Set – Shine Finish

Beetles designs gel polish for the home user. You’ll need a UV or LED lamp to cure it. It’s an economical choice with many positive reviews.

The kit comes with a base coat and top coat. The top coat will need to care for up to two minutes, depending on the lamp’s wattage. Just a thin layer will keep the manicure shiny for up to three weeks.

What’s surprising is that this is a budget polish, yet it’s 9-free. It lacks most of the toxins common to regular gel polish. There isn’t much odor, either.

It’s also a no-wipe top coat. The base coat, however, will feel tacky once it’s cured. But it’s made that way to help the polish stick.

Modelones Gel Top Coat High Gloss Shine

Modelones also promises that you can get three weeks of wear out of this gel polish. Beauty magazines and reviewers gush with positive comments about it. At this price, it’s worth trying, especially since it comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

It’s compatible with natural nails as well as acrylics and tips. For best results, apply thin layers and don’t over-cure the polish.

AIMEILI No-Wipe Top Coat

AIMEILI has been making nail products since 2012. They offer temperature-sensitive color-changing polish, glitter, cat’s-eye, and more. The inexpensive sets have made them a very popular brand.

The top coat is suitable for all of their gel polishes. It requires an LED or UV lamp, and the cure time depends on the wattage.

It sets to a mirror-shine that lasts up to three weeks.

Please store it away from high heat and direct light to keep it from drying out in the bottle.

GA&EN No-Wipe Gel Matte and Mirror Top Coats with Base Coat Set

Here’s a kit that lets you decide between high gloss and velvety matte finishes. Both kinds of top coat are included. The manicure should last anywhere from two weeks to a month if properly applied.

The manufacturer points out that the ingredients are low-odor and non-toxic. The applicator brush has soft bristles of the perfect size for easy application.

Take note that the base coat is also included in this set. It will still look sticky and wet after curing, but the color polish will adhere better to it for that reason.

PrettyDiva No-Wipe Top Coat

If you’re doing chrome or holographic manicures, try this high-gloss top coat. It leaves the nails with a salon-quality shine.

You need an LED lamp to cure it, but it dries quickly and doesn’t require wiping. Curing is complete between 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the wattage.

If you don’t love it, contact the company for a replacement or refund.

Sally Hansen Salon Pro-Gel Top Coat

I hate to tell you, but I’ve heard a lot of complaints about this top coat. It should be able to give you professional results at home as long as you have an LED light to cure it. It only takes thirty seconds to dry.

When it sets, it has a glassy shine that endures for two weeks. Furthermore, it’s 3-free with no toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP.

It’s possible that it didn’t perform well if the nail preparation wasn’t adequate. Also, be sure to shake the bottle before using it.

ibd LED & UV Intense Seal Top Coat

This is a no-wipe top coat with a mirror shine finish. Reviewers say it stays glossy for about two weeks.

It’s convenient in that it doesn’t require buffing. And when it cures under the lamp, it glows purple.

Get a salon finish when you combine it with the dehydrating nail prep solution, base coat, and builder gel from the same brand.

Kiara Sky NON-WIPE Top Coat

Here is a top coat with a rubbery texture when it sets. But that’s good news for chrome powder manicures. It also does well with stamping as it isn’t super slick.

Gellen Base Coat & Glossy Top Coat Kit

The shimmery top coat comes with a bottle of base coat that suitable for salon use. It makes a manicure lasts for two weeks or longer.

As with most gel polish brands, you can avoid peeling if you cap the nail edge and avoid painting over the cuticle. Thin coats work better as they prevent shrinking and dry properly.

The top coat will cure in two minutes under a UV lamp or 30-60 seconds under LED. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wipe it with alcohol to remove residue afterward.

Removal of the manicure is straightforward, however. Soak the nails for ten minutes and remove the softened gel.

Gelish Dynamic Duo Foundation Base & Top It Off Sealer Set

Gelish makes one of the fastest-curing top coats. It’s ready to go after only thirty seconds under an LED lamp. It sets to a high shine that stays glossy for up to three weeks without dulling.

But the set also includes a base coat. It dries in a remarkably rapid fashion after only five seconds under an LED light.

Manicures done with this brand of polish soak off in about ten minutes.

GelFinity – Soak-Off Gel – Topcoat Gloss

If you cure this top coat for sixty seconds or longer, you won’t need to wipe it with alcohol because it won’t be tacky.

It resists chipping and peeling and prevents the colored polish from fading for a couple of weeks. Then it removes after just a few minutes of soaking.

OneDor One Step No-Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish

The advantage of this top coat is that it’s compatible with all brands of gel polish. It’s also formaldehyde-free and has no harmful fumes.

It resists smudging and chipping, plus it’s self-leveling. The cushiony texture smooths ridges of a natural nail.

Use thin layers and cure for a minute under an LED lamp. Then, the polish should up to two weeks.

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Gel Top Coat

Here’s an eco-friendly nail polish. You won’t need a UV light to cure it even though it’s a gel.

Mineral Fusion is not just vegan. It’s certified carbon-free. That’s right, the manufacturer has partnered with Carbon Fund to neutralize their carbon footprint on the environment.

Moreover, it’s free from other toxins like toluene, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, formaldehyde, phthalates, TPHP, parabens, camphor, and dibutyl. There’s no gluten, either.

The finish is extra glossy and plump. If you’re intrigued by the concept, check out the 60-plus Carbonfree shades available.

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Hard Rock Hydrating Base & Top Coat

Sadly, your nails may need a break from gels for a while. If they are weak, thin, or brittle, try this excellent base coat and top coat. It’s called the Hard Rock Nail Hardener for a reason.

Yes, it’s one bottle, but the liquid inside serves both functions. If you’re in a hurry to fix your nails, paint on a single coat. Then each day for a week, layer additional coats, one per day.

The formula contains an exotic resin from West African trees. It’s called Aucoumea Klaineana, and it strengthens nails and smooths the texture. It also has biotin to regenerate at a cellular level and soy protein to add flexibility.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, Miracle Gel 3.0 Matte Top Coat

No, this is not regular gel polish, and it doesn’t need a UV lamp to cure. It air-dries.

Sally Hansen makes it easy for anyone to end up with gorgeous nails from a home manicure. Even better, you won’t miss out on the latest trends. Case in point: this is a matte top coat, and it’s compatible with other brands of gel-like nail polishes.

In combination with the matching base coat, it’s called a gel hybrid manicure. It will last up to ten days without chipping. Then, it removes like any regular nail polish.

Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Nail Polish Remover

Instead of dehydrating your nails and cuticles, use this professional-quality polish remover to take off your gel manicure as quickly and efficiently as possible. It has emollients to keep the skin and nails healthy.

If you file of the top layer, the job is done in five minutes. Otherwise, it will take 10 to 20 minutes before you can push the polish off with a cuticle stick.


By using a better gel top coat, you can enjoy your hard work for longer. It will keep your manicure from chipping and fading for two weeks or longer.

There are many options available, including matte or high-gloss finishes and no-wipe polishes. Some top coats are compatible with other brands besides their own, too.

We’d love it if you drop by again and let us know which top coat you’re using and what you think about it.


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Best Nail Polish Base Coats

The 22 Best Nail Polish Base Coats Reviews & Guide 2020

Which are the best nail polish base coats? Are they necessary?

Yes, if you want to have a gorgeous, long-lasting manicure, you need a base coat.

It smooths the texture of the natural nail and helps the polish stick properly.

The base coat also protects the nails against peeling and staining.

Check out the reviews of the best base coats for manicures below.

What is a base coat in nail polish?

A base coat is like a primer for painting. It ensures a better finished product (1).

Can you use a top coat as a base coat? Typically, a top coat won’t function well as a base coat underneath other polish. But you might get a few days wear out of a top coat by itself.

Ridge-filler base coats are thick enough to fill in grooves and even the texture of the natural nail. This keeps the colored polish from getting stuck in the ridges. And all types make a grippy surface for the colored polish to prevent chipping.

Some base coats contain calcium or vitamins to strengthen nails and prevent splitting. They also help prevent yellowed nails.

If you are using glittery, bright-colored, or highly-pigmented polish, the base coat will keep the natural nail from being stained.

For best results, wash your hands and skip the moisturizer before applying the base coat. Buff the nail lightly and wipe with alcohol or acetone to remove any oil. Be sure to seal the edges and the tip when you brush on the base coat.

Best Nail Polish Base Coats in 2020

OPI Nail Polish Base Coat

OPI is one of the best nail polish brands. Their base coat dries to a glossy finish, which allows it to serve as clear nail polish on days when you feel like looking natural. It’s so good that it’s won awards.

It prevents yellowing and stains from dark-colored polish, plus it extends the lifetime of a manicure.

It’s made in the USA, but it’s not completely non-toxic. It has small amounts of the typical nail polish ingredients like epoxy resin.

If you decide to go with OPI, you can look forward to over 200 shades.

essie First Base Adhesion + Protection Base Coat

Here’s another American brand that’s been innovating in the nail industry for almost 4 decades. Their products have won multiple awards and are used by celebrities and salon professionals alike. If you’re on the lookout for the latest trendy shade, chances are essie has it.

This base coat has rubber adhesive for extra grip. It extends the lifetime of the manicure. Yet, it’s durable enough to enjoy on its own if you’re in a hurry.

Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat

This drugstore nail polish base coat is convenient because it dries in seconds. By the time you finish one hand, you can already begin to apply colored polish.

It also happens to be 5-free: it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, camphor, or formaldehyde resin.

It preps the canvas of your natural nails and defends against chipping and yellowing. Then, you’re ready to paint on one of Revlon’s 64 shades.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t double as clear nail polish as it has a matte finish.

Sally Hansen Treatment No More Stains Base Coat

How about a spray-on base coat? Skip the brush – this method is much faster. Spritz each nail, and you’re ready to add polish in just a minute.

It’s the perfect no-mess base coat. Moreover, it takes the “no more stains” part to heart. You’ll never have to worry about staining your natural nails with richly-pigmented colors.

Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat

This is the best nail base coat for weak nails. It shores up brittle nails with a micro-polymer that enhances flexibility and strength. It will make them nearly unbreakable.

It also defends your manicure against peeling and fading. That’s because it’s not just a base coat, but also a top coat. You’ll sandwich the colored polish between the layers.

ella+mila Nail Care, Ridge-Filler Base Coat – All About the Base

Do you know what’s adorable about this brand?  They offer a “mommy & me” set with a big bottle and a little bottle of colored polish.

But is nail polish safe for little ones? This one is because it’s 7-free. It has no formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, camphor, or animal ingredients. Furthermore, it’s certified by PETA as cruelty-free.

You only need one coat, but if you apply two coats, it fills in ridges. It’s not 100% transparent as it’s a translucent creamy white. But it won’t affect the color of the polish on top.

duri Rejuvacote 1 Original Maximum Strength Nail Growth System, Base, and Top Coat

This set features base and top coats, which promises to strengthen nails dramatically within three weeks or less.

They are fortified with wheat and soy protein, calcium, and keratin to fix brittle nails and speed up growth. The base coat locks in moisture and provides fatty acids and collagen for healthier nails.

Orly Base Nail Coat, Bonder

Orly’s professional base coat uses a rubberized resin to ensure that the polish on top stays put. It sets to a tacky finish that won’t work as a standalone polish.

This is a salon formula that’s part of their spa collection.

butter LONDON Horse Power Nail Rescue Base Coat

This brand is 8-free. It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like xylene, ethyl tosylamide, TPHP, DBP, toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, or formaldehyde resin.

Instead of chemicals like those, it features horsetail extract and biotin to stimulate healthy nail growth. There are also calcium and vitamin B to strengthen weak nails.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your dermatologist is a fan of this product as it’s formaldehyde-free and therefore unlikely to cause allergic reactions.

Karma Organic Two in One Base Coat/Top Coat

Here’s a nail polish brand that has two spa locations in New Jersey. Their polish is 7-free, vegan-friendly, and comes in over 100 colors. It’s made to be safe for pregnant women, children, and those with sensitive skin. It’s also eco-conscious.

DERMELECT COSMECEUTICALS – Transfix Nail Restore Base Coat

This base coat was created to repair nails damaged by acrylics and gels. It strengthens and heals fragile nails while it conceals imperfections. The transparent base coat is attractive in its own right as it adds a glossy finish to the natural nail.

It contains vitamin E and sunflower seed oil to restore moisture. Then, there are other nutrients like keratin to boost flexibility and Tremella mushroom with antimicrobial activity to ward off fungal infections.

Seche Clear and Seche Vite, Base Coat and Top Coat for Nail Polish

This American-made set has won awards from Total Beauty and Nails Reader’s Choice. They dry quickly to a glossy finish that prevents chipping and staining while extending the lifetime of the manicure.

What’s interesting is that you can use this combination of polishes with any other brand and any color. It’s also compatible with gels, acrylics, and fiberglass or silk extensions.

Ellie Chase 7-in-1 Nail Treatment

This isn’t a plain old base coat as much as it is a miracle worker. If your nails are dry and brittle, this treatment will make them shinier, stronger, and smoother. It offers protection, hydration, and nutrition.

Key ingredients include vitamin E, amino acids, and violet extract—these work to turn back time and undo damage, rejuvenating the nails.

There’s also Hexanal, which hardens the nail. It’s a patented aldehyde.

Add in argan and baobab oil, plus acetyl-methionine peptide, and the polish increases the nails’ flexibility to prevent breakage.

CND Stickey Anchoring Base Coat

No, this isn’t the kind of base coat you can wear by itself. It’s sticky on purpose to anchor the colored polish and prevent chipping and peeling. It also averts the staining of the natural nail.

If you happen to labor with your hands, wash them a lot, or use a lot of moisturizer, it will significantly extend the manicure’s lifetime.

ZOYA Anchor Base Coat

There are two versions of base coat from this brand. One is a ridge filler, while this one is adhesive. It bonds the colored polish to the nail plate and strengthens the nail with added protein.

You only need one layer of the flexible coating to avoid chipping your manicure all too soon. Then, apply two thin coats of any shade and one layer of top coat.

Vishine No-Wipe Top Coat & Base Coat Gel Nail Polish Set

Save time and money by getting your base coat and top coat in one place. This set guarantees that your manicure should enjoy a mirror shine finish for at least two weeks. It wears like a gel but removes in just a few minutes.

Neither polish has a strong odor. They are made in compliance with US and EU regulations for safety.

You’ll need an LED lamp to cure them both. By the way, please store them away from direct sunlight and high temperature, as this may cause them to clump or dry up prematurely.

Maxus Nails Base Coat Nail Polish

A fungal infection can be serious. This base coat features tea tree oil with anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.

What’s more, it’s 11-free, with no parabens, phthalates, or harsh chemicals. It’s also vegan and gluten-free.

The formula is fortified with amino acids to prevent breakage and splitting. It also moisturizes and enhances the natural sheen of the nail. It’s beneficial for strengthening weak and brittle nails.

AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish No Wipe Top and Base Coat Set

How about a base coat that cures in 30 seconds? This one will under a UV or LED lamp. But don’t be alarmed if it still feels sticky because that’s part of its design. It helps the polish adhere and resist chipping and smudging for up to 21 days.

Take note that the potent resin may trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive users. You only need a thin coat to be effective.

Modelones Matte Gel Top Coat with Base Coat

This kit comes with a matte top coat. But what interests us is the flexible base coat. It will feel sticky after curing. That’s on purpose to help the gel polish stay put. Please don’t try to cure it for longer, as this may lead to peeling.

When applied properly, the base coat helps the manicure avoid smudging and chipping for two weeks or longer. Even better, it’s compatible with all brands of gel nail polish. You can use it on artificial nails and tips, too.

China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat

Are you looking for a shiny base coat? This is translucent and glossy, which allows it to serve as regular nail polish by itself.

Users say it doesn’t peel easily. It extends the lifetime of their manicure significantly. Plus, you can use it with other brands of polish.

Tenoverten The Foundation Nail Strengthening Base Coat

The Foundation gets rave reviews because it allows the home user to enjoy a salon-quality manicure. It absolutely puts a stop to peeling and chipping from the tip of the nail.

Moreover, it hardens the nails with horsetail and botanicals. While you wear it, the nutrients seep into the nail to strengthen it from the inside out.

Go ahead, wear it by itself as if it were regular nail polish. No one will notice the difference – all they’ll see is the shine.

Happily, the polish is both cruelty-free and 5-free.

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Base Coat, Genie In A Bottle

If you’ve been doing nails for a while, you’ve probably heard of this celebrity manicurist brand. Allure awarded it Best Nail Polish Formula in 2018.

It works magic on stained, yellowed, and dull nails.

The sheer violet pigment neutralizes the off-color while it brings out the healthy pink of the skin underneath.


It may add another step and another minute to your manicure, but base coat will pay off big-time. It’s like a primer for your nails as it ensures perfect coverage and adherence of the polish.

If you’ve been struggling with chipping and peeling, or even yellowed and stained nails, base coat is the solution.

Drop by again soon and leave us a comment about how your new base coat is performing.


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